10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway

Norway is such a wonderful country with beautiful people. But just like any other culture, it has its habits and tourists often fail to consider them.  Learn about the 10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway.

People living in Norway seem aloof, but if you engage in a conversation with them, you can discover they are very friendly and sociable. However, you should avoid making common mistakes foreigners do and your experience in Norway will be wonderful.

Buy Food from Supermarkets
You probably know by now that Norway is an expensive country, compared to others in Europe. And you have probably heard about those stories when someone bought some biscuits and a bottle of water with 12 euros. While these stories might be true, they are false at the same time. Food and drinks are more expensive at gas stations and convenience stores. Buy your food from supermarkets, they have a wide offer of delicious food items and they are cheaper than in other stores.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway
Buy your food from supermarkets. Photo: Wikipedia commons

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Refill Your Bottle
One of the common mistakes people do in Norway and you should avoid is buying bottled water. Norway is a country that promotes healthy habits and they strive their best to offer quality to the country’s inhabitants. It is the second country in the world when talking about the quality of tap water. They have among the best tap water in the world, so it would be a pity to not refill your bottle and pay at least 4 euros for one bottle of water.

Don’t Drive After You Drink
Even though some European countries are more permissive when talking about drinking and driving, Norway has very strict laws. If the authorities find out that you have more than 0.2 milligrams of alcohol in your blood, they will apply strict penalties such as huge fines and even prison. Norway is not a country with zero tolerance for drinking and driving, but it has the strictest laws in Europe.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway
Driving in Geiranger. Photo: Samuel Taipale/Visit Norway

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Do Not Assume the Marital Status
Norway is a country that gives its inhabitants the freedom to choose their own lifestyle. And just like other Scandinavian countries, it does not state that marriage is mandatory to start a family.

Michela Johnson, a writer of custom papers who lives in Norway, says that people living there are very open-minded. She advises not to make any marital status or lifestyle assumptions. They do not judge same-sex couples or the ones that choose to not marry, so nor should you.

Norway Is a Big Country
Even though when you look on the map Norway seems a small country, it isn’t. It is the longest country in Europe, so you will travel a lot between cities and towns. Always check on Google Maps the distances between the cities you want to visit and plan your trip accordingly. You do not want to end up spending more time on the road than you expected to.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway
Norway is a big country. Photo: Fjord Norway

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Check the Bus Schedule
If you have enough money, you can rent a car and travel at your own pace. The gas price in Norway is among the highest in Europe, so if you want to save money, you can rely on a bus as a means of transportation. In more secluded places in Norway, the buses run twice a day. So, always check the bus schedule and plan your trip according to those. In rural areas, it’s difficult to rely entirely on buses, so if you have enough money, you should rent a car.

Book the Accommodation in Advance
Norway is such a wonderful country where you can see the amazing fjords in the summer and Northern Lights in the winter. There are lots of tourists that visit the country, so there is a huge demand for accommodation places.

Johanna Kinta, an editor for assignment help, says you must book your accommodation well in advance. The earlier, the better. If you can, book it at least six months prior to your trip. Like this, you can find the cheapest and nicest places.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway
Piece of norwegian flotemysost cheese and a slicer

Do Not Forget About Seasons
One common mistake people often do is that they forget about the specifics of the country. Norway is one of those countries where winter lasts six months. This means that you should plan your trip accordingly. Even though other European countries welcome the spring in March, in Norway it’s still winter, so many hiking trails are still not available for the public.

Always check which roads are closed and which not. In some regions of Norway, winter is harsher and some roads might be closed until May or June.

Do Not Judge and Criticize Them
Norway is an open-minded country and so are its people. But one thing that they cannot put up to is criticism. `One thing that they hate is people that behave as they are better than them` – says Roy Smith, the HR software specialist from the Norwegian travel agency . Or people that judge and criticize them for their lifestyle and eating habits.

Norway is the country that is known for its advanced culture and habits. Even though some topics might be hot, such as their huge taxes, it is better to hold that to yourself. Another topic that gets environmentalists’ and wildlife activists’ attention is their whale eating habits. They see it as a normal thing to do, even if it’s not approved by everyone.

Inform Before Choosing Activities
One of the most popular reasons people are visiting Norway is to see the Northern Lights. Even if Norway is a civilized country, there are lots of people that have sort of fake advertising. They promote their locations as one of the best to see the Northern Lights, but in fact, you will have a small chance to see them in the south of Norway. Head for the northern part of Norway and choose from Tromso, Bodo, Helgeland or North Cape.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway – Conclusion
Norway is a beautiful country that offers you mesmerizing landscapes. Its people are friendly and sociable, even though they seem unapproachable. However, there are some mistakes you must avoid while in Norway. Buy your food from supermarkets and drink tap water.

Book the accommodation in advance and always check the bus schedule beforehand. Do not forget that Norway is a country where winter lasts six months, so plan your trip and activities accordingly.

10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Norway
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Feature image (on top): Kjerringøy, Bodø – Salten, northern Norway Photo: Visit Norway