10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have

10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have

For those who don’t yet know, Scandinavian countries include Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. But what’s exactly so special about these countries, and why are people, companies, and governments from all over the world talking about them? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It’s because these Scandinavian countries have consistently flourished across several of the most important surveys in the world. Learn more about the 10 Scandinavian life habits that everyone should have.

Some of the surveys in which most Scandinavian countries rank highest are –

But before we jump into the topic, students reading this should also remember to keep their academics in check along with learning better ways of living. Studying a whole new heritage, culture, and way of life of the people is an intensive process and can take a significant period. However, in the meantime, students shouldn’t dismiss or neglect their pending tasks and work.

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Getting back to the topic, the numerous country-wide surveys and their results only give us half the picture. In reality, it’s all about the people, how they are, how they conduct themselves, and what we can learn from them.

In no particular order, here are 10 Scandinavian life habits that everyone should have.

1. Embrace the Cold or the Sometimes – Harsh Weather Conditions
A big reason behind Scandinavians being strong and tough people is that they sometimes have to experience the most torrid weather conditions on the planet. During several parts of the year, it can get not only cold but also dull and gray. But instead of it depressing them, they still look to make the most of their time and life. To Scandinavians, these times are the best to restore appetites, speed up metabolism, and regulate sleep.

10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have
Embrace the Minimal Nature of Being & Living. PhotO. Bea Fladstad/Unsplash

2. Less is Always More – Embrace the Minimal Nature of Being & Living
According to Scandinavians, one of the best ways to absorb more life and be happier is through needing, owning, and using less. The way of life of needing less of everything and still prospering is known as lagom in the Nordic region. This philosophy basically says that one doesn’t do anything in excess to live a great life. But at the same time, one should try everything too – but in healthy moderation.

3. Switch or Integrate into a More Nordic-Style Diet
A Scandinavian diet is among the most delicious and sought-after cuisines in not just Europe but also the world. One of the main ingredients in this diet is fish or, specifically, salmon – which is super-rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Other main highlights of this cuisine are berries, mushrooms, root vegetables, wheat, oats, rye, and more. These foods are healthy, non-fatty, nutritious, and still delicious.

4. Try Some Heat Therapy or Sauna
Everyone knows that Scandinavia is the land of fire and ice. The reason behind this is that Scandinavian countries can get extremely cold. And the best way of counteracting it is through soaking in some heat. Most Scandinavian countries aren’t just blessed with several hot springs but are also abundant with sauna rooms. Heat therapy opens pores, relaxes muscles, improves skin, and cleans one’s system.

5. Live in Closer Harmony with Nature
With the contrasting seasons in the Scandinavian region, it is impossible for anyone to live apart from nature from the get-go. Thus, instead of fighting it, Scandinavians embrace it. The region is decked with beautiful landscapes in the form of mountains, snow hills, forests, lakes, and a lot more. And no matter the season, Scandinavians have always found a way to go out and lead free-spirited lives.

10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have
Instead of fighting nature, Scandinavians embrace it. Photo: Agnieszka Boeske/Unsplash

6. Enjoy the Littlest Things Life Has to Offer
Scandinavians aren’t known for going over to the top to celebrate anything. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy everything just as much as those who spend a lot or do a lot to show their happiness. Most Scandinavians are content and happy with minor things like sunshine on a sunny day, hiking through parks, exploring landscapes, or meeting friends over some food and drinks.

7. Eat Your Biggest or Heaviest Meal of the Day as Early as Possible
The phenomenon of eating the biggest meal early in the day is known as middag in Scandinavia. Unlike most other regions, the people here prefer to eat their meals not at noon but around four – late afternoon. The theory of eating most early and eating lightest later in the day is backed by science to provide several health benefits.

10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have
Walking or cycling not only improves one’s health but is also cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. Photo: Robert Thiemann/Unsplash

8. Walking and/or Cycling More Than Anything Else
Scandinavian countries are some of the most bike-friendly countries in the world. And this is despite their extreme weather conditions. In fact, when it is colder or even raining or snowing, one can still find people either walking or riding to their destinations. Walking or cycling not only improves one’s health but is also cost-effective and beneficial to the environment.

9. You Don’t Need to Intoxicate Too Much to Enjoy Your Life
The truth is that the dark, gray, and cold weather can accelerate depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse rates. This is another space where the less-is-more philosophy of lagom comes back into play. Most regions in Scandinavia also regulate the sale of alcohol. Drinking too much has historically been known to create several immediate and long-term problems in people’s lives.

10. Exercise!
Exercise is an integral part of the lives of most Scandinavians. Even those who want nothing to do with it simply cannot avoid it as it’s out in the open, at work, and in social scenes. Scandinavians love challenges, and exercising when the weather isn’t too great is one of their go-to challenges. Regular exercise keeps one’s body healthy and more immunized to weather changes or illnesses.

10 Scandinavian Life Habits That Everyone Should Have – The Bottom Line
Just observing Scandinavian life is fascinating and alluring in itself. The mental toughness, the emotional stability, the simplicity, the joy in everyday life, and a lot more never stops ringing out from its people. With help from the above points, one can integrate some of the best and healthiest aspects of the Scandinavian people and community.

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