19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student


Studying in a foreign country can be very overwhelming, especially as a student. You need to get around the city every day for your classes, interact with classmates and professors, as well as abide by local rules and regulations you know nothing about. Here we present 19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student – and other travelers as well.

Today we will try and help out those students who live and study in Denmark. We had put together the list of 19 mobile applications that will help in the day-to-day life of a Danish student. There are many apps to choose from, so go ahead and pick the ones that seem most helpful to you.

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Our Top 20 Apps Students in Denmark Should Install
There are hundreds of apps online, but not all of them are equally useful. We choose a bunch of apps based on what typical Danish students enjoy using daily so that you don’t have to rummage through endless online resources on your own. Keep reading to discover the 20 best apps students in Denmark find super useful.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student
Apps for getting around. Photo: Max Aduyanukosol/Unsplash

For Getting Around
Here are some great apps to help foreign students with transportation across an unfamiliar city.19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student

Rejseplanen is an ultra-helpful app for residents and tourists alike. It helps to navigate travel via train, bus, and subway. It offers you available routes you can take, while also showing how long it will take you to get from one place to another. This information is crucial for students who don’t want to miss their classes. It is available in English, which is great for foreigners.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentExploring new places is most fun when you are a student, even though you have little time and money for adventures, you’re free of any other restrictions and full of energy to spend. Flixbus is an app that allows inexpensive yet comfortable travel within Denmark as well as outside the country.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentMany students note how much they love GoMore app. They claim that this car-sharing application allows the cheapest traveling in Denmark, as it doesn’t set a specific sum for a single ride. It helps car owners and passengers find one another and travel together, sharing the traveling expenses with mutual benefit.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentWere you aware that 9 out of 10 Danes own a bike? It’s officially nations’ favorite means of transportation, so you better get familiar with this traditional vehicle too. Donkey Republic app allows people to rent bikes and take them for a spin. It operates in 13 cities of Denmark so installing this application will be handy if you plan a local vacation.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentEasy Park is an app for those who like traveling around Denmark by car. This parking app is a handy way to pay for the parking space and track the duration of your parking so that you don’t receive any tickets. As a student, you likely don’t have extra cash stashed for tickets, and rather spend your money on something better, like succulent Danish food.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student
Apps to help you determine the best spots to eat some tasty local food. Photo: Shane Rounce/Unsplash

For Grabbing A Bite
Now that you know your way around the block, here are some apps to help you determine the best spots to eat some tasty local food.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentStudents are notorious for living off of fast food and sugary bars, so we are here to make finding good food easier for them. Just Eat is a food delivery app that partners with over 2000 cafes and restaurants that can deliver provisions to your dorm or apartment.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentWolt is a different food delivery service that utilizes Denmark’s favorite vehicle – bikes! This makes Wolt a good delivery alternative for eco-friendly students who still want to enjoy meals that require zero cooking time. This app also allows you to track the whereabouts of your courier while your order is being delivered.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentToo Good To Go
Speaking about environmentally conscious decisions, this awesome app helps reduce food waste by offering you the list of establishments that have produced surplus. Numerous cafes, restaurants, stores, and hotels across Denmark joined this initiative, and you can too by ordering perfectly delectable food that will otherwise go to waste.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student‍Hungry.dk is yet another food delivery service in Denmark you can try as a student. It has an intuitive interface and is loved by many Danes. It is known for swiftly adding new establishments to its options, which is great for hungry students who love trying something new.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student
Apps to help you study Danish. Photo: Kate Kalvach/Unsplash

For Communication
Maybe you’re fluent in Danish, but it’s likely that, as most foreign students, you’re still getting a hang of it. See the few apps to help you study Danish below.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentBabbel is a self-study app that offers 14 languages to choose from, including Danish. It helps improve communication skills, grammar, and vocabulary in short sessions that even the busiest students can squeeze into their schedule. Lessons with this app are very resultative because it uses interactive techniques, even though they don’t take up more than 15 minutes of your time.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentDuolingo
This language learning application is well known by many. You can use it to learn languages from scratch, starting with the simplest words and moving on to long sentences. Featured tasks are grouped by their difficulty. Foreign students can improve their reading, listening, and speaking skills with this app.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentPimsleur is a language learning app that has been around for over 50 years. It has its own science-based learning methodology that helps learn swiftly and effectively. It offers a variety of lessons and exercises that train speaking, reading, grammar, and vocabulary. These are short 30 minute lessons busy students can more easily fit into their schedules.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentMondly is another language learning app perfect for students. It offers short lessons one can easily complete on a go. It emphasizes teaching how to speak, which is the most important language skill for foreign students. It uses new technologies and scientific data to make lessons effective as well as fun.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentStudieskolen online course
This course is an ultimate resource to learn Danish if you are located in Copenhagen, as you will be able to visit their offline lessons. It is great for foreign students and Scandinavians alike. They have many courses for students of different proficiency levels and focus their curriculum on speaking and teaching proper Danish pronunciation that most foreigners have trouble with.

If there’s nothing wrong with getting some digital help with learning a language, you can’t judge a fellow student for trying to get additional aid to make their life and education in a foreign country more fruitful. Students in need can use Edubirdie as a platform that can help them with academic writing assignments. Specialists at Edubirdie will help you keep on top of your assignments and perform well in a school abroad.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student
Miscellaneous applications will help you organize and manage your life in Denmark. Photo: Shane Rounce/Unsplash

Other Helpful Apps
Some great apps are hard to categorize, but we do want you to note them. These miscellaneous applications will help you organize and manage your life in Denmark.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentMobilePay
This application is the number one most used app in Denmark in 2020, which you can confirm by viewing the table below. It is a program that allows those who have a Danish bank account to send and receive payments easily and without fees. Denmark has always been among the pioneers of cashless payments, so as a student you better install this ultra-popular app as soon as possible.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentInformation provided by Statista

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentE-Boks is another must-have application most Manes use. It’s an administrative resource that helps manage notifications from governmental institutions in one place. You can use it to view important documents like tax or hospital notices. Although this app doesn’t bring any fun, students often need it on hand.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentBoligPortal is a housing app that helps locals and foreigners search for accommodations in many Danish cities. It is super useful for students, as they often need to locally find a room or an apartment to live in while studying.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentMinSundhed is an application most people use to teach their hospital appointments, receive medical reports or test results. With Covid-19 still being an issue, such an app is as relevant as ever.

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a StudentCopenhagen City Walks
This app is a handy tool for foreign tourists and students who wish to take a break from their studies and learn more about the city. It provides many picturesque routes you can explore without a tour guide, which will help students save money.

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19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student
Copenhagen city walks. Photo: Sabbylin Zavgorodniaia/Unsplash

App-ly Your Newfound Knowledge!
Now that you have learned about numerous apps that can help you manage your travel, shopping, leisure, studying, and other aspects of a student’s life in Denmark, you can spend a lot less time manually managing details. Don’t be hesitant to adapt helpful digital solutions in your daily life, as they can be super handy, especially in a new setting. Being relieved of some tedious tasks allows you to study hard, make some friends, explore a new country and properly take in all it has to offer!

19 Apps to Adapt in Denmark as a Student, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by Jessica Fender. Jessica is a professional writer and educational blogger at Writeload. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

Feature image (on top): Photo by Christian Möller / Unsplash

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