5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers

Have you always dreamt of traveling around Scandinavia but were worried about your budget? The you should learn about 5 great remote jobs opportunities in Scandinavia for travel lovers.

Indeed, Scandinavian countries can be quite expensive for some tourists. But who says that your only option is to come as a visitor?

Ironically, thanks to the pandemic, many countries have introduced remote work visas. Norway, for instance, has an independent contractor visa, which you can use to work and travel around the country.

But which job should you choose?

Here are some options to consider to both work and travel around Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  1. Foreign Language Teacher
    Scandinavian countries often need highly skilled foreign language teachers. In Norway, for instance, English is the first foreign language taught at schools. So, if you are fluent in English and have the necessary qualifications, you could apply for a job at a local school or language learning courses.

Wouldn’t a teacher need to be physically present during classes?

Not necessarily. Since we are still in the state of a pandemic, many schools still work remotely. If we’re talking about language learning courses, the situation is even easier – some learners prefer online lessons due to tight schedules and other reasons. So, a foreign language teacher position is a great option if you want to work and travel simultaneously.

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  1. Business Analyst
    Another job you can do from home is a business analyst. A lot of companies hire freelance analysts to identify growth opportunities and conduct market research. The pay is also quite lucrative – you can charge up to $100 per hour depending on your experience:

    5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
    Illustration: Upwork

In fact, there’s a growing demand for business analysts in Denmark. According to the list of shortage occupations, Danish companies will hire you if you have three years of education at the university or business school level. This is a great opportunity to travel around Denmark while also earning good money.

In terms of language proficiency, it is still possible to find a business analyst job if you don’t speak the language of a Scandinavian country – some companies invite foreign specialists. However, most recruiters will still require at least a B2 level of proficiency – you should be able to express yourself and apply professional terminology freely.

  1. Leisure Educator
    Leisure education is an organized instruction that helps learners determine how, why, and when they should engage in leisure activities. In other words, it teaches children and adults how to spend quality time leisuring.
5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
Illustration by Darkmoon Art / Pixabay

A leisure educator is actually an in-demand job in Sweden. According to the list of Swedish shortage occupations, as of 2020, leisure educators are among the jobs that qualified foreigners can apply for and get a work permit in Sweden.

Much like foreign language teachers, leisure educators can also work remotely as consultants and as private coaches. It’s a nice opportunity to earn extra money for trips around Scandinavia. But your language should be proficient – at least a B2 level.

  1. Psychologist
    A psychologist is another job on the shortage occupations list mentioned above. You can work as a consulting specialist in mental health clinics, hospitals, physician offices, correctional facilities, government institutions, schools, and colleges.

If this job opportunity interests you, be ready that you will have to provide proof of five-year education, both theoretical and practical. Additionally, you should complete one year of supervised practice to get a license.

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
Illustration by Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

Apart from the license, you should also have a certificate confirming your high proficiency in the language of the Scandinavian country where you will work. The proficiency level should be no lower than C1 or close to a native.

  1. Programmer/Web Developer
    Lastly, all Scandinavian countries, much like many other countries around the world, are in need of skilled web development professionals. This job opportunity is also present on the list of Swedish shortage occupations mentioned above.

As a web developer, you can work anywhere – advertising, consulting, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Naturally, you will need a degree to prove your qualifications.

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
Photo by Tookapic/Pixabay

You can also try freelancing as a web developer in Norway after getting an independent contractor visa. You can charge up to $90, depending on your experience. That’s a great opportunity to earn extra cash for a trip around Scandinavia.

The good news is that you won’t be required to know the language if you get a job as a web developer – most companies hire international professionals. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn it at all – knowing the language will help you understand your coworkers better and build useful connections.

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers- Wrapping Up
Remote work helps many travel lovers get an opportunity to explore new places around the world. And now, as more countries have introduced independent contractor visas, you can both work and travel around Scandinavia.

Whatever job you choose, be ready to provide proof of education and experience in the relevant field. But most importantly, you will need a high language proficiency level depending on the country. Some employers will ask for a certificate to confirm your knowledge of the language, so be ready to provide it upon request.

5 Great Remote Jobs Opportunities in Scandinavia for Travel Lovers
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