5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go Near Stockholm

5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that always has something to surprise you with. Whether it’s a new pizzeria, a gallery, a trendy club, a golf course, or just one of the classic attractions, one thing is clear – you will definitely not be bored there. However, what if suddenly you have a desire to change the scenery and see the other side of Sweden without spending crazy money? Fortunately, we have something to offer you. Learn about 5 perfect travel destinations to go near Stockholm.

Pick up a car rental Stockholm and drive outside the city! Visiting a few notable places off the beaten tourist track will give you a different understanding of the Swedish spirit. In addition, traveling by car will give you the freedom to move you have long dreamed of.

Thus, book a rental car, pack your lunch, and expect incredible adventures. In the meantime, we will tell you about some amazing places within a short drive from Stockholm.

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5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm
Örens nature reservoir. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Toro, Nynashamn – 67 km, 55 minutes drive
The main feature of the area is the white pebble beach. You can’t walk barefoot on it, as your legs will hurt. However, it looks beautiful, especially when combined with waves, the sea, pine trees, and private villas.

Speaking of waves, this is perhaps the only place in Sweden suitable for surfing. Even on cold days, you can see rare people swinging on the waves. The town comes to life during the warm season, when summer houses are filled with guests from Stockholm and other cities. During the rest of the year, it’s usually quiet and calm, but this is more of an advantage for those who just want to wander among the forest houses, walk along the white pebble beach, and watch the waves. In addition to the beach, there’s also a tiny church, a pier where you can rent a kayak, as well as a couple of cafes and restaurants.

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5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm – read on….

5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm
Tiresta National Park, Tyreso

Tiresta National Park, Tyreso – 25 km, 30 minutes drive
This national park is suitable for those who like to spend the night in a tent, enjoy a short hike in the mountains, or just take a walk in the forest. The main entrance is available in the village of Tyresta By, so it’s best to start from here. Here you can get all information about hiking trails, travel tips, buy food, and get water.

The village itself also deserves attention – the 18th-century buildings have been preserved in their original form. Hiking and camping in the park are free of charge. If you wish, you can order a basic tour, which costs € 6 per person.

The park really has something to see, including 8 lakes, 55 kilometers of hiking trails of varying length and complexity, and a wide variety of animals and birds. If you want to stay longer, book a room at a local hotel.

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5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm
Artipelag is one of the largest contemporary art centers in Sweden. Photo: statflickr.com

Artipelag, Gustavsberg – 23 km, 25 minutes drive
Artipelag is one of the largest contemporary art centers in Sweden. Its main feature is a kind of fusion of art and nature. The gallery is located on the rocks, surrounded on one side by a forest, and on the other by a bay.

The top of the mountain overlooks the bay, while the water in the bay looks clean and clear. Naturally, you can swim there or sunbathe on the bedspreads right on the rocks when the weather allows. Also, you will find a café with a spacious terrace on the spot.

The Arts Center often hosts exhibitions related to nature or climate, but topics such as fashion or architecture also appear from time to time. Also, the whole area is full of large and small sculptures and installations.

5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm
Solna is a huge area located on the north side of Stockholm. Photo: Unsplash

Solna – 8 km, 10 minutes drive
Solna is a huge area located on the north side of Stockholm. Basically, it represents residential buildings, but, apart from that, you can find several interesting objects there.

Firstly, here is the Mall of Scandinavia, the second largest shopping center in Scandinavia. Nothing fancy, but it’s a great option if you want to enjoy shopping. It houses most of the popular brands, both local and foreign, and many places to eat and have fun.

Nature lovers can visit Brunnsviken Lake and Haga Park, located near the mall. The surrounding area offers to see almost any landscape, including cliffs, cliffs, forests, parks, and beaches. Also, the park hosts the Haga Palace, built in the 19th century, and two museums – a park museum and a museum of zoology.

5 Perfect Travel Destinations to Go near Stockholm
Vaxholm is part of the Stockholm archipelago. Photo: Erwan Hesry/Unsplash

Vaxholm – 36 km, 35 minutes drive
Vaxholm is part of the Stockholm archipelago. This is a very cozy town surrounded by water. Its main feature is wooden houses, which are usually empty during the cold season and filled with life in summer.

Vaxholm exudes its own special atmosphere, which resembles a resort town, placed in Scandinavian nature. And on a tiny island nearby is the Vaxholm fortress, built in the 16th century. At one time, the fortress served to protect Stockholm, and now it’s a hotel and a museum. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get to the island for free unless, of course, you have booked a hotel room. However, you can be satisfied with the breathtaking view of the fortress from the bank of Vaxholm.

As you can see, the surroundings of the Swedish capital hide many travel gems. Thus, you can greatly diversify your trip if you pick up a rental car and go to explore the area around Stockholm!

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Feature image (on top): Photo © Anna Hunko / Unsplash

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