5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors

Nordic countries have so much to offer that many people choose Scandinavia as their travel destination. If you plan to first visit one of these amazing places, check out these travel tips for an unforgettable trip. Learn these 5 Scandinavia travel tips for first-time visitors.

Speaking about travel to Scandinavia, everyone imagines the clear Norwegian fjords and the snowy Scandinavian Mountains. But this region has many more fascinating places, rich history, and culture.

When you visit the lands of the Vikings for the first time, it is necessary to prepare everything for a smooth trip. These travel tips will help you understand the Nordic region better and make your way to picturesque Norway, Sweden, and Denmark enjoyable.

What to See in Scandinavia
On a Scandinavia map, we find Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. If this cool end of Europe is on your bucket list, you should know the best Scandinavian places. The beauty of this region lies in its contrasts so let’s find what Scandinavia has for you.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
The distinct feature of all you encounter there is this unique Scandi design.

Scandinavian Design
Scandinavian countries will impress you with ultra-hip urban destinations. Nordic cities hide many amazing places to visit, including cafés, museums, boutiques, galleries, etc. The distinct feature of all you encounter there is this unique Scandi design. Oslo, Helsinki, and Copenhagen are all imbued with minimalism and functionality in architecture, furniture, clothes, and more. Visiting any city in the North you will find this unmistakable design.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
A mystery in the Northern Lights, Photo: © Innovation Norway

Picturesque Nature
The cold and distant Scandinavia landscape attracted people from around the world for centuries. There’s a mystery in the Northern Lights, Swedish archipelagos, Lapland mountings, and Norwegian fjords. Anytime you visit Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you will always find a cozy village with spectacular winter views. Indulge in outdoor activities and relax in the sauna.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
Reindeer filet

Exceptional Cuisine
Scandinavian restaurants will feed you with tasty dishes and make you understand the flavor of Nordic cuisine. You will be able to taste what was on the Vikings’ tables back in those brave times. Scandinavian food is simple and hearty, so you should try Palt, Leverpalt, Kroppkakor, and Paltbröd. Be ready for a lot of meat, fish, potato, and bread.

Prepare for the Trip to Scandinavia
If you fell in love with the region from movies about Scandinavia, you should not fully rely on your watching experience. You hunt for picturesque spots, and unforgettable feelings will not be easy until you prepare well for the journey. Thankfully, Scandinavians are one of the world’s best non-native speakers of English, so there’ll be no language barrier.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
Photo by Raimond Klavins/Unsplash

#1 Learn More about the Place You Visit
In order to make your journey to Scandinavia unforgettable, you should explore this region before visiting. Read articles, watch travel videos, films, and lectures to know more about culture and history and fully understand the value of the trip.

As a part of the preparation, you can watch engaging and informative webinars featuring ardent travelers revealing secrets about visiting Scandinavian countries. Use a screen recorder to capture useful information and a video editor to make a video guide (after getting the author’s permission).

#2 Plan Your Budget
Being a secure family travel destination, Scandinavia is not cheap, and you will have to pay a lot for food, transport, and accommodation. But everything will be much better if you use a trip planner. Browse the information about hotels or book housing from locals. Compare prices and reviews, and always book accommodation in advance to save money.

There are different means to get to Scandinavian countries, choose what suits you the most in terms of comfort and money. Public transport and walk trips are cost-effective solutions for travelers. If you are renting a car, do not forget about checking the best app for navigating traffic to enjoy picturesque road trips.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
Photo by Osman Rana/Unsplash

#3 Check the Weather
You should be ready for the Scandinavian climate and check the weather for each country you are going to visit. Climate and weather vary between the regions. So take different clothes for your trip to the Nordic countries.

Use a weather checker to find if you need to take a raincoat and waterproof shoes or sunglasses. Winters are wet and cold, so make sure you have weather-resistant gear. And a pair of sunglasses is a good choice not only in summer as snow can reflect dazzling sun rays.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors
Photo by Cytonn Photography/Unsplash

#4 Explore Scandinavian Etiquette
Tolerant and reserved Scandinavians impress foreigners with their progressivism. They are punctual and always arrive on time. People are sincere and can discuss different topics with you. But they will never show their emotions, especially negative ones, in public.

When visiting Nordic countries, make sure you know the specifics of Scandinavian humor. Shy at first glance, these people are open and funny in an informal setting. They like to joke and are good at it. So be ready to laugh a lot in a snowy country with many positive Viking descendants.

#5 Rely on Your Bank Card
One of the most important travel tips is to have cash and money on your bank card. Scandinavian countries build a cashless society, and they are doing well with it. So you will pay for most of the services in these countries with your card. If you decide to exchange money and get local ones, try to avoid high-value banknotes as some venues will not be able to simply give you any change.

Kids prepaid cards can be a valuable educational tool.

Make sure your bank works for paying in foreign countries. Sometimes, you will have a local phone number for mobile payments. Everything now is digitized so stay tuned, check the latest news, and have a contactless card for a flawless trip.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors – Conclusion
The travel restrictions are over, and people start planning their trips to different places after tiresome quarantine restrictions. Scandinavian countries appear frequently on travelers’ bucket lists. The uniqueness of the Nordic region attracts travelers from all over the globe, and they need to be aware of some travel tips to avoid challenges in a foreign country. We hope that this article provided you with much valuable info. Break a leg and discover new places.

5 Scandinavia Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by Evelina Brown. Evelina is a digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience. She is a contributor to Content Marketing Institute and regularly quoted as an expert in large media outlets. Her job is to make your business known all over the Internet.

Feature image (on top): © Seth Cane / Unsplash


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