5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students

Trips for students are always fun and educational. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has become a popular destination for student visits. There is so much available in Copenhagen that you can’t explore it all in a day. The city offers a mixture of sights that students from different courses can enjoy and learn. From the cultural attractions like museums ideal for history students to the presence of classical architecture and modern buildings perfect for architecture students, there are more than enough attraction sites for a perfect student trip to Copenhagen. Read more about the 5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students

So before you set out for your next student trip, you must know the right places to visit in Copenhagen for a fun-packed day. Below are the top attraction sights that students can visit in Copenhagen.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students
Palm house, Botanical Garden. Photo: Wikipedia commons
Botanical Garden
A trip to Copenhagen is not complete without visiting the botanical gardens for students. This 10 hectares public garden is popular for its extensive historical glasshouses that were made in 1874.

When you get to the gardens, you should enjoy its 13000 plant species. Plants are arranged in sections, including plants from mountainous regions, Danish plants, annual plants, and perennial plants.

Besides the popular plant section, the garden has a new Butterfly House where visitors can enjoy butterflies and their enthralling life cycle. It means you get to experience the transformation of these insects at close range.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students
From, Copenhagen Zoo. PR-photo from Visit Copenhagen
Copenhagen Zoo
Copenhagen Zoo is home to over 4 000 different animal species. Some animals you should expect to see include polar bears, lions, seals, among others. You can also use the observation tower to view different birds like the storks at the lake. It is among the oldest zoos in Europe and lies about 2 miles from Copenhagen city.

Students can also get familiar with pandas at the iconic panda house. People can visit as a group at any time of the year and learn many animal facts as they enjoy your trip.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students
National Museum, Copenhagen. Photo: Daily Scandinavian/Tor Kjolberg
The National Museum
It is a destination where history and art students will spend hours without realizing it. The National Museum in Copenhagen has a remarkable wealth of artifacts collected from all eras of Denmark’s history. Several things should help you to learn more about Danish history and culture. Some of these include the 2000 years old Trundholm sun chariot, impressive runic stones, Danish Porcelain, Romanesque fittings, and many more coins and antiquities collections.

The National Museum has extensive European and Islamic art collections that provide an opportunity for students to learn about other regions of the world, such as Africa. There also other museums that students can explore around the region.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students
The Port, Experimentarium. Photo: Adam Mork/Visit Copenhagen
For science students, this world-class science center is an ideal place to visit in Copenhagen.  The center was reopened in 2017 after undergoing a thorough makeover. In this center, students get a chance to explore science through interactive exhibitions and science shows.

One standout exhibition is the “Tunnel of Services” with an inlet that you go through when “born” and an outlet where you “die”. In between the two points, you experience your senses as they unfold and finally fade away. These experiences can you help write exceptional class essays after visiting Copenhagen. You can also get essay help from professional writers in crafting quality essays based on such adventures.

You can also explore the physics and chemistry of water when you take a submarine safari in the water exhibition called ‘The Beach”. Besides, there’s “The Idea Company” that enables you to build prototypes for your invention.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students
Rotunde, Geological museum. Photo: Visit Copenhagen
Geological Museum
If you love to explore natural history, the Geological Museum in Copenhagen is the place to be. The arts center has various geological collections like rocks, meteorites, and fossils from the 1600s. These minerals have been collected from different places across the world. You can enjoy the world’s best collections like the piece of the moon collected by Apollo 17 and other valuable geological collections of Denmark. Other things you can explore in the Museum is the Earth and the solar system.

The Natural History Museum is part of the six great museums found around the museum district Parkmuseerne. When you purchase a ticket to the Parkmuseerne, you’re free to visit all the other six museums.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students – Conclusion
While the above are the popular attraction sights for student visits in Copenhagen, the city offers much more to its visitors. You are free to pick from at least 80 sights to enjoy your educational trip.

5 Top Attractions in Copenhagen for Students, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian

Feature image (on top): From the National Museum. Photo: Daily Scandinavian/Tor Kjolberg

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