6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids


The most exciting time of the year has come – vacation time! Vacationing with your kids is the best way to spend some quality time with your family. What those who travel alone can’t grasp is that vacation with kids can be challenging if you don’t pick out the right places to visit. Read about the 6 places to visit in Norway with your kids.

While keeping everyone entertained and happy isn’t an easy task, the solution is going to the family-friendly places.

If your choice for the next vacation fell on Norway, that is some great news! This remarkable country has so much to offer for people of all ages and interests. Since you do need versatile spots that will satisfy the interest of each one of you, here are the best places in Norway that you simply must visit with your family.

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6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
Reindeer sledding in Alta. Photo: North Adventure
  1. Try Reindeer Sledding in Alta
    You won’t get a chance to meet Rudolf or Santa, but you can imagine that you are being pulled in Santa’s sleigh while real reindeers lead the sled.

The kids will love this activity and you can also allow the child in you to have some fun.

The indigenous Sami people raise and herd the reindeers around Alta. Alta is a town on the northern coast which is located at the head of Alta Fjord. Here you’ll get a chance to absorb the winter wonderland while you are roaming through the snow with reindeer as your guides.

An adventure such as reindeer sledding is authentic and characteristic for Norway. This is your chance to make some fun memories as a family.

6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Photo: Nordkapp
  1. Go to the Igloo Hotel of Ice and Snow
    Speaking about the winter wonderland, believe it or not, but Norway has a hotel completely made out of snow and ice. Yes, you heard it right.

With all the commotion about the movie Frozen, there isn’t a child who wouldn’t be over the moon to visit such a hotel. The kids aren’t the only ones who should be excited since the grown-ups are also stunned by this unusual accommodation.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the northernmost ice hotel in the whole world. It has a sauna and an outdoor Jacuzzi. The parents will be especially happy to visit the ice bar and get their drink served in a glass made out of ice.

Don’t worry about the cold because the room temperatures are kept around 20 and 25 degrees Celcius.

6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
Northern lights at Elgsnes, Harstad. Photo: Visit Norway
  1. Watch the Northern Lights
    Seeing northern lights is something that leaves every person breathless.

The sky is at its dark phase from late September to mid-March and that is the best time to watch the show. Keep in mind that winters in Norway are harsh so make sure that you bundle the kids in some warm clothes.

When you see the lights, for a moment you’ll think that it is magic. The combination of colors that create unrealistic scenery is an unforgettable sight.

People who want to see northern lights usually stay in Tromsø where the aurora can be sometimes seen from the city. There is also a night bus tour with Tromsø Safari that can take you to all the best places.

However, the most notable activity is in the city of Alta which is situated directly under the aurora oval. Companies such as Nord Expedisjon organize tours with professional guides so along the way you can get some detailed information about the phenomena.


  1. Head Straight to Andenes for Whale Watching
    A picture-perfect little town called Andenes in Vesterålen features an interesting sight during summer months. This is the time when sperm whales, orcas, and pilot whales in their natural habitat, jumping in and out of water.

If you go to Andenes in the winter, you are more likely to see humpbacks.

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Until you see this scene, you can’t imagine how fascinating it is.

You can either embark on this adventure on your own, or you can contact Whalesafari Andenes, an organization that guarantees whale watching. The boat trip, the shocking looks on everyone’s faces, and the whales that look as if they are performing a show will keep the whole family amused.

6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
Hunderfossen Fairy Tale Castle. Photo: Wikipedia
  1. Visit one of the Many Themed Parks
    Themed parks are a certain way to keep your kids entertained and exhaust them for a good night’s sleep.

“My trip to Norway had so many bright spots. I’m not able to pick my favorite part but my kids mostly cherish the memories from themed parks. We visited two of them and I must say that those were the most entertaining days for all of us,” shared Barbara McKinley, a digital editor at TopWritersReview.

Here are some of the most popular theme parks in Norway:

Hunderfossen Familiepark (fairy-tale themed with water rides)

Namsskogan Familiepark (arctic wildlife, climbing activities, and a zipline)

Akvariet i Bergen (an aquarium with around 60 individual aquaria)

6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
Huk and Paradise Bay in Oslo. Photo: Leif H. Ruud/Visit Oslo
  1. Relax at Paradisbukta Beach
    When all the activities exhaust you, it is time for relaxing. The best place for this is one of the most stunning beaches in Norway – Paradisbukta beach.

The sandy beach and its next-door neighbor Huk park and garden are situated near Oslo downtown. If you are located near the big city, this can be your getaway.

Surround yourself with the water and greenery and just enjoy the moment. You can set a barbecue, swim, sunbathe, or just chill and watch the water.

When you want to break the monotony, go biking, play volleyball, or teach your kids how to fly a kite.

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Lastly, Just Enjoy It!
Hope you have enjoyed reading about the 6 places to visit in Norway with your kids.
The diversity of things to do and places to visit in Norway is very obvious. You shouldn’t worry about whether you’ll have a good time since these places will make sure that you do.

However, there is one important thing that hasn’t yet been mentioned. Maybe even the most important one. That thing is that you should just relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. Have a great trip!

6 Places to Visit in Norway with Your Kids
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