7 Best Scandinavian Universities of All Time

7 Best Scandinavian Universities of All Time

Choosing an institution of higher learning has a massive impact on an individual’s success, especially when it comes to specializations. For instance, if you want to learn the Nordic countries’ literature, culture, and politics, you might find universities with Scandinavian studies both in the US and Europe to be a great match. Learn more about the 7 best Scandinavian universities of all time.

However, it is more beneficial to study and go for courses in universities that are situated in environments where people actively practice what aligns with the career major. Specifically, learning organizations that are founded on in-depth research stand out among the others, presenting the Scandinavian institutions as the best option.

The Scandinavian universities are located in Europe’s northernmost region. These areas include Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Recently, these institutions of higher learning have been featured as ideal destinations for students looking to expand their skills in research and technology. Hence, they are a good option for people looking to learn in all other expanses beyond the Scandinavian culture. In this article, we present you the seven best Scandinavian universities of all time in the hope that any of them becomes your next academic destination or that of your kin.

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List of Scandinavian Universities

Scandinavia hosts more than one hundred and fifty universities, offering nearly 2000-degree majors at all levels. Here is a list of the seven best Scandinavian universities.

Karolinska institutet, Stockholm. Photo: Wikipedia
Karolinska Institute is the world’s leading cancer research center and the best medical school in Scandinavia and Europe.

Karolinska Institute – Sweden

Karolinska Institute is the world’s leading cancer research center and the best medical school in Scandinavia and Europe. It offers a wide range of medical courses and programs, making it an ideal learning destination for any individual looking to build a career in medicine, especially research. Founded in 1810, the institution has set itself as a premier medical institution and is responsible for 5 of the 8 Swede Nobel Prize winners in physiology. These qualities make it an all-time best Scandinavian university in the region and worldwide.

University of Copenhagen – Denmark

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 and is the oldest higher learning facility in Denmark and Europe. As an institution, it has set itself as an ideal destination for students and researchers looking for an opportunity to develop their talents. It focuses on nurturing academic communities through research-based methods to teach, equipping students with the skills to tackle societal challenges. Such qualities have made it one of the most respected institutions in the Nordic countries and the world. Therefore, it can also be a good choice for any student studying in Scandinavia.

University of Helsinki – Finland (*

This is the oldest and largest academic institution in Finland. It has contributed to achieving fairness and equality through various research programs and projects. As part of the university’s strategic plan, it is focused on four research themes, including aging and health, globalization, the digital world, and sustainable development. If you’re looking to major in any of these areas, then the University of Helsinki might be the best option. An important point to note is that the institution has a career body that helps students resettle and build themselves professionally while in Finland. So, choosing Helsinki is equal to seeking an avenue for better and more job opportunities.

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Lund University – Sweden

Lund university is one of the institutions that has grown from grass to grace. It started with a few hundred students and professors being paid on grains. Lund University has a population of over 40000 students and has set itself as an institution for international research. It offers Sweden’s broader research environment, with a global research profile and network in universities in over 67 countries. As a result, it stands out as one of the best institutions for research students and other scholars looking to enter a highly dynamic and challenging learning environment.

7 Best Scandinavian Universities of All Time
Aarhus University is the second-largest learning institution in Denmark

Aarhus University – Denmark

This is the second-largest learning institution in Denmark, with a population of more than 40000 students. Out of these, more than 50% are enrolled in graduate programs, presenting the learning facility as an ideal graduate school. Furthermore, the university has more than 12% of its student population from different countries worldwide. This makes it one of the culturally diverse institutions and a proper choice for any person looking for a good learning environment.

Uppsala University – Sweden

This Swedish university was founded in 1477. Since then, it has established itself as a vibrant cultural environment and extraordinary student life. Also, it has delved into world-class research activities to revolutionize the global business culture. The various research programs, especially in sciences and languages, present it as one of the best Scandinavian institutions. Thus, this might be a good bet if you’re looking for a bubbly academic environment to explore and learn.

University of Oslo – Norway

The University of Oslo has played a pivotal role in the development of Norway for the past 200 years. It offers more than 800 courses in English at all levels, focusing on research-based education. As a classical university with a broad range of academic disciplines, the University of Oslo has invested in programs that facilitate student-centered learning, churning out professionals that are good for the global job market.

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7 Best Scandinavian Universities of All Time
Application to universities differs from country to country.

How to Get Admission to the Best Scandinavian Universities

Application to universities differs from country to country. However, some general guidelines might be useful when looking for a change in Scandinavian universities:

  • Select a program of choice. Choose a career that aligns with your interests to ensure you send an application to the right institution.
  • Write a motivation letter. Some fields or institutions require you to write a motivation or cover letter to register your intentions to get admission. Use a professional essay writing service online, such as Custom Writings, to ensure you have a winning custom essay or letter. The company has professional writers who generate all types of academic papers from scratch. Feel free to use such cheap custom writing services to get a letter that will guarantee you a position at the best college.
  • Ask for a recommendation letter. Some universities might require an endorsement letter from your former teachers. Enquire if you can get this to make the admission procedure seamless.
  • Prepare and take a language test. Look for the language requirements and undertake the necessary tests if you’re not a native speaker.
  • Translate and authenticate academic documents. If you are going to a country that uses a different language, ensure that you translate and authenticate your documents through competent authority.
  • Use online application forms. Once you have all the documents, apply directly to the institution via their application portal.
  • Register and sit for the entrance exams. Prepare in advance and take the enrollment exams where applicable to enable the institution to test your capabilities.
  • Schedule a visa appointment. Whether you are on a scholarship or not, ensure you schedule for a visa, so your stay abroad is legalized.

Scandinavian universities offer the best study opportunities, especially to students focusing on research. This article has outlined some of the best institutions and some brief guidelines for working through the application process. We hope it helps you unlock career and academic success.

7 Best Scandinavian Universities of All Time is a promotional article from customwritings.com

*) The author has included a Finnish university. Finland is however not a part of Scandinavia but belongs to the Nordic region (editor’s notes).


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