750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark

750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark

Kolding, located in Southern Jutland, Denmark is often overlooked by tourists. The city has, however, plenty of things to offer- especially when it comes to art, design, nature and history. Experience 750 years of art and history in Kolding, Denmark.

Kolding is in fact the home of the most interesting tourist attractions in Southern Jutland. The city is located in the mouth if Kolding Fjord which has a host of outdoor activities. In and around Kolding you will also find a great variety of historical attractions. An added benefit in visiting Kolding is its very central location within Denmark, which makes it an ideal home base for the many interesting attractions within the region.

750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark
Koldinghus Castle

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750 years of art and History in Kolding, Denmark
The two primary attractions in Kolding are the impressive Kolding Castle (Koldinghus) and Trapholt Art Museum. Visitors to Kolding should definitely make effort to visit both of these fine attractions. This year, the old castle Koldinghus has been a central part of Denmark’s history for 750 years, and the momentous occasion is marked with the anniversary exhibition The Splendor of Power, which tells 750 years of history through royal jewelry, medals and insignias from the halls of power. The exhibition runs through 21 October 2018. However, the castle can be explored all year round.

750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark
Traholt Art Museum

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The Geographical Garden in Kolding has its 100th anniversary this year and is celebrated with a variety of events. The Garden is a combination of experience park and botanical garden.

750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark
White and purple flowers in the Geographical Garden in Kolding

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For nature lovers a visit to Skamlingsbanken is a must. The area offers a wonderful view of the Kolding area and Lillebælt, as well as beautiful beach forests.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Christiansfeld
The nearby town of Christiansfeld, which was built 245 years ago by an independent German Christian congregation and displays a very harmonious style of architecture has since July 2015 been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is considered one of the best preserved of its kind, and guided tours are given throughout the summer.

Feature image (on top): Christiansfeldt

750 Years of Art and History in Kolding, Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg

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