8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient

Scandinavia is a place where you always want to come back again. Regardless of whether you are going here as a tourist or planning a business trip, this place will remain in your heart forever. But what about a pandemic? There is good news that despite COVID 19, you have the opportunity to come and make a business trip effective. Follow these 8 tips to make uour Scandinavia business trip more efficient.

How to Get to Scandinavia Now?
How to plan a trip? Before you plan your trip to Scandinavia, you need to know what restrictions apply at the moment. Below you will find relevant information regarding the Scandinavian countries with links to the official websites where you can find out the latest information.

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Sweden: The government has taken new measures that will be relevant until August 31. According to the latest news on the official website, entry into the country is prohibited to prevent outbreaks of the spread of the virus. However, the ban does not apply to citizens of Switzerland and the EU. Also, as an exception, certain categories of workers may enter the country.

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Denmark: The Danish government has opened its borders to most European countries with certain remarks. From June 4 this year, citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand can enter Denmark. As for people who want to get into the country on business issues, there is a need to find out the rules on the official website.

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Norway: The Norwegian government requires tourists entering the country to be quarantined for ten days. From July 15, citizens from some EU countries where a pandemic is low can enter the country.

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Be sure to monitor the information on the official websites of countries, as it often changes.

How to Make a Business Trip Cheap and Fun?

Now let’s find how to turn your business trip into an exciting and memorable event. You will also learn how to save money to travel.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  1. Plan a Budget
    Regardless of the purpose for which you are traveling to the country, you need to understand how much money you will need. Consider all the travel expenses that await you. Also, ask if your company covers your travel expenses. If so, plan your budget.with these funds. Also, remember that you will need to provide a report on expenses. So do not forget to save all invoices.

    8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  2. Optionally Pack Wardrobe
    Make sure your wardrobe matches the purpose of your business tour. Also, do not forget to put such clothes in which you can walk and relax. The latter type of clothing is no less important than a business suit. For example, the Pick The Writer team talked about that they had more than 60% of their free time to enjoy the country. And of course, do not forget to choose a wardrobe based on weather conditions.

It is not recommended to fly to Scandinavia in a business suit. If you know that the flight will take a long time, it is better to dress in a casual style rather than in a business suit.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  1. Book an Accommodation in Advance
    Any trip requires a reasonable approach, with which you can save money on tickets and a hotel room. For this reason, it is recommended to use booking marketplaces to find the best prices for hotels and flights. Also, remember that early booking can significantly save money on flights.

By the way, if you often travel on business trips, then you need to find out if you can use the subscription for frequent flyers. Such programs offer discounts on flights and a few more privileges. You can find out about this on the websites of airlines.

If you are faced with the fact that your flight is delayed, then you have every reason to receive compensation. So if you come across this, you can contact the airport information point and find out how you can get compensation. Why not take this opportunity, if required by law?

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
The Oslo Pass
  1. Get City Card
    In Scandinavia, there is a good opportunity to make your stay comfortable. It’s about the City Card, which allows you to visit museums and other attractions for free. Also, these cards provide the opportunity to use public transport for free. These cards can be booked for one day or a longer period. You can do this online.

    8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  2. Choose Budget Cafes
    In Scandinavia, family cafes are very common, which allows you to eat delicious meals and even save money. Food prices in stores are average, so a cafe is a good option. Cafes and bars usually offer big dishes at affordable prices. But, if you have the opportunity to prepare your meals independently, then this is not a bad option too.

Feel free to ask local or your hotel staff where you can eat tasty and not expensive. Locals are always friendly and will certainly tell you decent places that tourists may not even know about.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  1. Take Care of Money
    Remember that you may be charged a commission from ATM services. For this reason, prepare some cash in advance. Monitor which commissions await you as a citizen of another country and take care to minimize them. Also, choose such credit cards to take with you that have no or low-commissions for transactions in foreign countries. On the official websites of the Scandinavian countries, you can find information on various fees and commissions.

    8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  1. Feel Free to Make New Acquaintances
    A business trip to another country is a good opportunity to get useful contacts. So do not be shy at business meetings or conferences. Who knows, maybe this is your chance to completely change your life.

Familiarity with the locals is also a good investment in your future. After your business trip, you will definitely want to come here as a tourist. Then knowing somebody you may call will bring you real benefits. They will help you find cheaper accommodation, tell you what to visit and reveal a lot of secrets that tour operators do not even know about.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient
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  1. Take a Walk in Scandinavia
    “In Scandinavia, there are a lot of places to see, regardless of which country you go to. Try to plan your business tasks in such a way to have free time and enjoy the beauties of nature, taste the famous herring and have a look at unique historical sights.” – shared the Writing Judge team.

Therefore, if you want to make your business trip a memorable and pleasant, don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the local flavor. Despite the pandemic, you still have the opportunity to enjoy some of the attractions. Most open-air attractions are open to visitors, as are most restaurants and cafes. Just check the visit rules and opening hours.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient – Conclusion
Now you know how to make your trip not only efficient but also significantly reduce your expenses. Do not forget that a business trip is a good opportunity to enjoy a new country. Despite the pandemic, you can visit the top places in Scandinavia and have fun. Remember that you need to comply with the new conditions of stay in the country. Do not forget to check for updates on official sites too.

8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient8 Tips to Make Your Scandinavia Business Trip More Efficient, written for Daily Scandinavian by Jamie Fry. Jamie is a purposeful and promising author. At this moment he is working at writing services review companies, as Pick the writer and Writing Judge and enhances his blogging skills. Confidently goes to his goal. He has a talent for writing original content. The main conviction in his life: «To be the best in the field in which you are developing». Always in search of fresh ideas.

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