A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers

A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers

The wide open spaces, the variable topography and vegetation make the 160 km long Vefsna river in Nordland a Norwegian Eldorado for anglers.

The river has its sources from the majority side rivers, where a couple are from the Swedish Storfjället southwest of Tärnaby.

A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers
Vefsna river has its sources from the majority side rivers

Vefna’s best
There are a couple of stretches that are considered Vefsna’s best and it is mainly between Kvalfors and Forsjordio located about 15 km from the outlet to the sea. There was a salmon ladder already in 1871 and there are Stjernebekken-Stimoholmen a 5 km long fine stretch where Hestskoöra is extra fine and good for fly fishing.

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A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers
Laksfors Is located around 31 km from the outlet to the sea and there are great caves and streams for salmon fishing.

Hattfjelldal offers great freshwater fishing, and the trout and char are of excellent quality. Eager anglers will be pleased to know that they can once again fish the renowned salmon river Vefsna, all the river up to Fellingforsen falls.

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Fishing rules apply
Special fishing rules apply to the river between Laksfors and Fellingforsen falls. You may only keep male salmon shorter than 65 cm – all other salmon must be released unharmed. On this particular stretch of river, the start of the season is delayed until 1 August, to allow migration of smaller salmon.

Fishing from bridges is prohibited, and it is forbidden to fish in the red-marked conservation zones near the salmon stairs. Everyone is required to disinfect their fishing gear before using it in the Vefsna river.

A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers
Salmon catch on Vefsna river

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Please note that all fishermen must also have a valid national fishing license for salmon, sea trout and sea trout. Fishermen must present receipt on request to the wildlife authorities patrolling the river.

You can read more rules for fishing in salmon rivers in Norway here.

For additional information read more about fishing in the Vefsna river here.

A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers
Fry Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen, Northern Norway

Where to stay
From the day it was established in 1794, Fru Haugans Hotel has been the place to come for adventures. You can literally feel the traditions and the history when you visit the oldest hotel of Northern Norway. The hotel is well known for its superb cooking, with both traditional Norwegian food and European dishes.

A Norwegian Eldorado for Anglers, compiled by Tor Kjolberg