A Plane Geek’s Dream Stay in Stockholm


If you’re a hard-core aviation fan, you should definitively try a stay in a converted Boeing 747 at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

True, the rooms are small, but they’re perfectly formed with all the facilities you’d expect from a modern hotel.

Reception in Jumbo Jet Hostel
Reception in Jumbo Jet Hostel

You’re probably not thinking of an aeroplane when you’re looking for a good night’s rest but this jumbo jet-turned hostel is actually an aircraft you can sleep on.

JumboStay is located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and a night at this unique property gives you an idea of what it’s like to sleep at a one-of-a-kind airport hostel.
One TripAdvisor reviewer summet it up perfectly: ‘Kitch, but great, if you are a plane geek’. And others agree that it’s a cool experience, but not a place for long stays.

The former airplane has swapped engines for bedrooms and offer visitors a unique stay they will never forget.

In the summer, visitors can walk along the observation deck and stand right on top of a Jumbo Jet’s wing. It will certainly give you a different perspective from the one we normally get sitting inside the plane.

The Jumbo Jet underwent a complete overhaul after she was grounded at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in November 2002.

The brainchild of barmy businessman, Oscar Dios, the entrepreneur spent over USD 2.3million (€2million) over six months to transform the huge plane into the aptly named Jumbo Stay Hotel.

There is only one private suite (from $210/night), so be sure to book early. The suite is located in a converted cockpit and offers a panoramic view of the airport through all of the windows in the front of the plane. A few rooms have a private toilet and shower, while others have a shared bathroom with rates starting at around US $50 per night.

The Lounge in Jumbo Jet Hotesl
The Lounge in Jumbo Jet Hotesl

If spending the night is not for you, the plane has a chic cafe serving coffee, cookies and sandwiches. Stop in for a quick visit to see this unique hotel up close.

The Jumbo, which once was part of the Pan-Am airline fleet between 1984 and 1991, was towed and relocated to its new permanent location at the entrance to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and has since become quite the landmark.

JumboStay is offering several amazing packages that let you experience other unique places to stay in Sweden.

A Plane Geek’s Dream Stay in Stockholm, written by Tor Kjolberg