A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer

One of Norway’s most enduring artists, Sivert Høyem, is best known as the former singer of rock band Madrugada. Now, the news of Madrugada’s surprise comeback in 2019 has already unleashed a flood of emotions among their audience home and abroad.

Høyem’s distinctive voice recalls a combination of the timbres of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Neil Diamond. His 6th solo album, “Lioness”, vibrates with those deep and warm magical ingredients that are soul kindling. As stated on his website, “Lioness” is in many ways a nocturnal album; it evokes moods belonging to the night.

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer
The new Madrugada 2019: Knut Aaserud, Sivert Høyem and John Lauvland Pettersen. Photo: Lnut Aaserud

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Sivert Høyem (born 1976) is a son of forestry teacher Asbjørn Høyem and politician Jørun Drevland. He hails from Kleiva in Sortland, and attended Sortland Upper Secondary School before moving to Oslo in 1995. Whilst pursuing a music career he minored in history at the University of Oslo.

Madrugada was founded in 1993, and the band signed with Virgin Music Norway in 1998.  Høyem rose to fame in 1999 when Madrugada made their Norwegian breakthrough with debut album Industrial Silence. Madrugada released five full-lengths, a live album, and a best-of collection before disbanding in 2008 after the passing of their founding guitarist, Robert Burås. The last album, entitled Madrugada, was released on 21 January 2008.

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer
Madrugada’s foundign guitarist, Robert Burås

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After the release of the album the band announced they would split after one last tour. They performed their last ever concert on 15 November 2008 at Oslo Spektrum.

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer
Høyem’s distinctive voice recalls a combination of the timbres of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Neil Diamond

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer
The last few years Høyem has had success as a solo artist, releasing the albums Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition (2004), Moon Landing (2009) and Long Slow Distance (2011).

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A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer
The last few years Høyem has had success as a solo artist. Photo: Desiree Mattson

The news of the comeback of Madrugada has been overwhelming, not least when the band announced concerts in their adopted hometown of Oslo in February 2019, which were immediately sold out. However, a European tour shortly after will see the band reunite with their faithful fans across the continent.

Siver Høyem says that the song he personally loves the most from the Madrugada era is Honey Bee.

A Serios Norwegian Rock Singer, written by Tor Kjolberg

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