A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K

A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K

A new iconic look of Scandinavian minimalism was founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson and her at that time husband Patrik Kihlborg. In 2011 she left her operatic role in the company but returned in 2018 to keep the Scandinavian brand’s focus on “style, simplicity and quality”. This is a short story of Scandinavian fashion brand Filippa K.

Filippa Knutsson served as the brand’s “creative director” from the start and described her role as a coach and her employees as players on a sports team.

“Filippa Knutsson’s vision of an uncomplicated, desirable and sustainable wardrobe is as relevant today as it was when she started the brand at her kitchen table in the 90s. The label’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories continue to redefine classic through a progressive lens with thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail,” according to the company.

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A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K
Filiuppa K, Gothenburg

Brought up by nanny in London

When Filippa Knutsson was two years old, she moved from Stockholm to London with her mother and brother Lukas – who died in a parachute accident in 2002. She started at the well-respected girls’ school St. Pauls and was brought up by a nanny, an English lady who made sure that the school uniform was crisply ironed.

The mother was a modern woman who ran her own company, listened to Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and took the children on holiday to Ibiza and Mallorca. Back then in the late 1960s, Filippa’s wardrobe consisted of slacks, motorcycle jackets, hats, denim and floral patterns.

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A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K
Filippa K, Oslo

Returned to Stockhom

At the age of 21, she moved home to Sweden and worked for her father, the “jeans king” Lars Knutsson (Gul & Blå). In 1990, the father fell ill and chose to sell his company without giving Filippa a chance to take it over. She was cursed and started Filippa K almost as revenge.

The response in the home country was great right from the start, and demand soon came from Denmark and Norway. The company expanded and won awards such as the Swedish Golden Button, and Filippa Knutsson herself received many awards, including the Swedish State’s Business Medal.

A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K
Filippa K, collection fall/winter 2023.

After 17 years in the executive chair, she said goodbye to the company in 2011, but in fall 2018 she returned to active duty. “My life is almost written in the brand,” the designer says.

However, in January 2022, Lisa Kessler was the first successor to Filippa Knutsson and is now responsible for all creative aspects at the Stockholm ateliers. Trained in tailoring and dressmaking before studying fashion design, Liisa has spent the majority of her career designing for leading Parisian fashion houses including Chloé, Y/Project, Lanvin and most recently, Saint Laurent. Lisa’s debut collection for Filippa K was presented in June 2022.

Her international work experience combined with her own northern European roots provide Lisa Kessler with a unique perspective to lead the fashion house into its next chapter.

A Short Story of Scandinavian Fashion Brand Filippa K, written by Tor Kjolberg

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