A Star at Copenhagen Fashion Week


The Copenhagen-based Norwegian designer Veronica B. Vallenes has established a distinct signature expression, situated somewhere between classic Nordic simplicity and glossy Parisian elegance. Her effortlessly sexy women’s wear is fast gaining the eye of international press and costumers.


She recently won the biggest fashion award in Scandinavia worth € 100,000.

The “DHL Get Global” award will help the highly talented Veronica to increase her international awareness and sales network.

With the “DHL Get Global” award, Veronica can now focus on creating more beautiful collections, increase her power to show her work, and expand her sales around the world.

The “DHL Get Global” award includes the following:

Free use of DHL Express global transportation services for two years.

A full catwalk show at “the Old Stock Exchange” in Copenhagen. The show took place yesterday.

A Stand at Gallery International Fashion Fair in Copenhagen from 29th – 31st of January.

Free use of HOST buyers office: 11 experienced people with 12 languages and direct contact to more than 10,000 shops around the world.

€ 15,000 budget to invite international buyers to Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Stands at the world’s two biggest tradeshows, Cotterie in NYC and Who’s Next in Paris.

The jury behind was Christian Gregersen, founder/owner Gallery and Susanne Kristensen, Manager DHL Express.