A Super Market in Copenhagen


Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, which opened 2 September 2011, situated right by Nørreport Station is a foodie lover’s dream. Today Copenhagen is considered one of the most delicious capitals to visit in Europe.

Torvehallerne were designed by architect Hans Peter Hagens, who proposed his idea to the municipal government in 1997.He had studied markets all over the world, from Sweden to Morocco, from China to Cuba. After several negotiations, primarily about finances, the market’s twin modernistic buildings, actually two glass and steel market halls, came to life.

“This plaza used to be empty, especially in the evening, and there were a lot of drug dealers,” said Hans Peter Hagens. “So I wanted to find a solution where you could create city life, and a market attracts a lot of city action.”

Architect Hans Peter Hagens
Architect Hans Peter Hagens

Mr. Hagens explains that the layout partly is inspired by the Mezquita, the great mosque and cathedral in Córdoba, Spain.

Butcher in Torvhallerne
Butcher in Torvhallerne

More than 80 shops are selling everything from fresh fish and meat to gourmet chocolate and exotic spices, and you’re also guaranteed to find a place that’ll drive your hunger monster into overdrive, in between searching for Dead Sea salts, artisanal honey, organic sausage, Italian specialties, local vegetables or blue cheese.

Farmers market
Farmers market

“I simply love it. It’s absolutely ecstatic.” Hanne Pedersen, who spends some time here with her mother is smiling from ear to ear.

In my opinion, one of the best things about Torvehallerne is that the two main halls are specializing in different types of groceries, small restaurants, take away places and wine merchants.

Some of the best raw ingredients shops are the ones selling fresh fish, and with the Danish coastline only 10km (7 miles away), it’s not surprising. A hint: Don’t miss Hav. Their website is unfortunately in Danish only.

If you like French specialties look for the French butcher, selling ham, patés, chicken, goose and duck.

I encourage you to visit Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. Here is my bucket list:

Gourmet Brewery: Gourmet Bryggeriet

Fishing Quay: Fiskerikaien

Specialities from the small Baltic island of Bornholm: Bornholmerbutikken

For sushi lovers: Sushi Lovers

Eduardo Cazazian defected to Torvehallerne from Borough Market in London and established his shop Ma Poule.

But don’t forget flowers and vegetables!

At Torvehallerne you may also find some of Denmark’s most beautiful flowers and potted plants, and there are literally dozens of stalls offering colorful fruit.

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