A Taste of Old Bergen – Norway

A Taste of Old Bergen - Norway

Set in a pretty park in Sandviken, north of the city center, Gamle Bergen Museum takes you back in time to the 18th and 19th centuries. Here, you’ll experience a real taste of old Bergen – Norway.

In the 1800s Bergen was Europe’s biggest wooden city, a distinctive city environment with closely spaced wooden buildings, busy streets, markets, and alleys. Today, you can still feel a breath of nostalgia!

Anyone who has visited Bergen has surely spent some time wandering the alleys of Bryggen, Bergen’s UNESCO World Heritage site. But at Gamle Bergen Museum it is so much more to discover.

A Taste of Old Bergen - Norway
In the 1800s Bergen was Europe’s biggest wooden city.

This evocative old town reconstruction comprises some 50 restored and transplanted wooden houses, shops and businesses set on streets and narrow lanes, including a bakery, photographer’s studio, shop, jeweler and dentist. One word of warning. If you’re the kind of person who gets squeamish at the dentist, you may want to prepare yourself before visiting the dentist’s house!

You may also like to learn about the art museums in Bergen. Just click the image below.

A Taste of Old Bergen - Norway
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In Old Bergen, the whole family can experience life in the “old days”. Here you can stroll and look in the houses, feed the birds, climb the trees and, not least, visit the Civil Servant’s family in 1826 and the Merchant’s family in 1886.

On the square, short plays are played throughout the day during the summer, and in between it all the children can join in the fun and games. Traditional cinnamon buns, ice cream and soft drinks are sold in the museum kiosk.

Bergen is also known as a music paradise. Click the image to learn more.

A Taste of Old Bergen - Norway
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Gamle Bergen is Norwegian for Old Bergen, and the museum is a family-friendly place with activities for children, entertainments in the open-air theatre and a restaurant. Actors make history come alive. What did the city look like? What did people talk about?

A highlight of the museum is the live re-enactments. The short performances are designed to be a comedic “slice of life” from the 19th century.

A Taste of Old Bergen - Norway
This evocative old town reconstruction comprises some 50 restored and transplanted wooden houses. Photo: Wikipedia

During high season there is also a passenger ferry service from downtown Bergen. The ferry, Beffen, is a charming old boat. Departure times from the Fish Market every hour between 11:00 and 16:00.

The cruise starts at the Fish Market (by the round tower/Narvesen newsagent). The first stop is at Nordnes (Tollbodkaien), then onwards to Sandviken (Norwegian Fisheries Museum), the final stop is Old Bergen Museum. The round-trip takes 1 hour and 25 minutes (from Vågen).

By bus it is just a 7-minute bus ride (20,24) from the tourist information office by the harbor (Vågsalmenningen).

A Taste of Old Bergen – Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

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