Absolutely Scandilicious!


According to Norwegian chef, food anthropologist and author Signe Johansen, “people are tired of Italian and French, they are searching for something new and want to expand their spectrum.” In her book, “Secrets of Scandinavian cooking – Scandilicious”, you’ll find lots of food inspiration.

150116-Scandilicious-by-Signe-JohansenThe book contains more than 80 recipes with inspiring photography and we consider it the home cooking bible for those wishing to cook simple, easy and flavorsome Nordic cuisine without the Noma complexities.

Signe Johansen reveals the skills and secrets behind Scandinavian cooking, a cuisine very much in the forefront since Norma opened people’s taste buds for Northern European vegetables and foraged goodies.

As the title promises, the book will reveal the secrets of Scandinavian cooking, from delicious healthy breakfasts and leisurely brunches to tasty suppers and plenty of stress-free crown-pleaser puddings. Signe Johansen will also teach you putting together the perfect smorrebrod for a speedy Scandinavian lunch and the best way to let cakes and biscuits accompany your afternoon cuppa.

According to Hip and Healthy, “the world of Scandinavian food is on the rise. The delectable combination of fresh seafood, delicious berries and whole-grains is enough to tempt healthy foodies across the globe.”

The young cook, Signe Johansen, trained by the best British chefs, shows you that the Scandinavian kitchen not only consists of herrings and meatballs – although they are in here as well.

Rene Redzepi at Noma
Rene Redzepi at Noma

The Danish acclaimed chef Rene Redzipi asserted that “if a “Nordic terroir” really exists, then it is firmly anchored in the wild, in foraging for local ingredients, in celebrating our maritime and hunting heritage and marrying that heritage with modern culinary techniques and flavors. Food in Scandinavia is perhaps best understood as a way of life, as an ecology, rather than a distinct cuisine. That philosophy of resourcefulness, a discreet frugality and a focus on provenance makes Scandinavian food distinctive but of course not unique.”

This book is fresh, light and surprisingly indulgent, this is food to lift your spirits – it’s quite simply Scandilicious! Measurements are metric.

Signe Johansen, with a Norwegian father and English-American mother, is a food writer and cook who grew up in Norway and now lives in London. She trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, and after graduating went to work for Heston Blumenthal in his Experimental Kitchen, at the Fat Duck in Bray. She co-wrote “The Ultimate Student Cookbook” with Fiona Beckett.

Saltyard Books published Signe’s first book Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking…Scandilicious. in 2011. Scandilicious Baking followed in 2013.

Absolutely Scandilicious!, written by Tor Kjolberg