Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark


A 45-meter hour-glass observation tower in the preserved forest Gisselfeld Klosters Skove (approx. 50-minute drive south of Copenhagen) has opened in a Danish forest. The Danish architecture firm EFFEKT has completed a giant rounded observation tower.

It is now the highest point in the Zealand region, coming in at 135 meters above sea level. Camp Adventure Park opened its doors on the 31st of March and visitors are taken to new heights as the 900-meter long boardwalk welcomes the public from near and far.

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Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark
Camp Adventure. Photo: EFFECT Rasmus Hjortshøj

The centerpiece of the project, a 45-metre-tall hourglass-shaped tower, will provide 360-degree bird’s-eye views to fulfill the forest experience. The forest is graced with several natural biotopes such as lakes, creeks and wetlands.

Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark
Towering 20 meters above the tree line, visitors have to walk the 650-meter twisted path to the top, but this is an experience in itself, with interactive, integrated elements with the purpose of increasing the visitors’ knowledge of the forest.

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From the forest floor to the wooden crowns, the trees can be studied and experienced close and at eye level. Furthermore, the walkway will include diverse design features – including looping pathways. bleacher seating and bridges. From the top of the tower there is an unobstructed 25 km view over the rugged South Zealand manor landscape.

Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark
Treetop experience at Camp Adventure Park

A seamless treetop walk
The tower and treetop walk were designed as a seamless continuous ramp that makes the forest accessible to all – regardless of their physical condition.

The structure is made out of untreated Corten steel and 7,750 pieces of oak tree, making it seem like one with its surroundings.

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Sustainable construction
“It’s sustainable wood, oak wood, untreated, so when you need to shift it you can just compost it in the forest and it will be feeding the insects,” architect Tue Hesselberg Foged explained. The vision behind the boardwalk project is to make the forest accessible to all without disrupting the environment.

Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark
Adventure Tower is now the highest point in the Zealand region, coming in at 135 meters above sea level

The route through the trees passes gently and sensitively through different varieties of forest, while minimizing the disturbance of the environment.

Completely unique forest walk
“The whole idea is to bring lots of people into the forest for a completely unique forest walk. It’s kind of a vertical forest path that takes you from the forest bed, through the tree trunks and up where the wind is blowing in your hair and you feel vertigo and you can see all over the countryside,” says Tue Hesselberg Foged.

Adventure Tower Opened in Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg

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