Aerial View of Pulpit Rock in Norway Stunned Netizens

Aerial View of Pulpit Rock in Norway Stunned Netizens

The Pulpit Rock in Norway has no railings around it and poses a natural beauty and an element of risk. It offers a breathtaking cliffside view as a backdrop and an aerial view on Twitter leaved visitors amazed. Read the whole story, Aerial View of Pulpit Rock in Norway Stunned Netizens.

A screengrab from a viral video showed the aerial view of Norway’s Pulpit Rock and was shared on Twitter. It is the same location where the climactic fight in the sixth Mission Impossible film was shot.

This is one of Norway’s most visited attractions and this creation can be scary and fills visitors with a sense of wonder. However, the plateau in the southwestern tip of Norway offers incredible views over Lysefjord.

Flat plateau-like surface


What also makes Pulpit Rock special is its flat surface which measures approximately 82 feet by 82 feet (25 meters by 25 meters). Tourists often hike up to this point to rest on this plateau-like surface and take in the views. A few of the braver ones even go to the edge of the cliff and dangle their feet.

Late November, a popular Twitter account, Science Girl, posted an aerially shot video of Pulpit Rock, showing groups of people standing over it. The undated clip gathered over two million views and over 20,000 likes and over 4600 retweets and quote-tweets. While many people expressed awe at the scenic location, some also spoke about how the steep cliff sparked anxiety within them.

Over 4,600 retweets

Aerial View of Pulpit Rock in Norway Stunned Netizens
“One of the best places I have visited.” Tweet

The 16-second video caused thousands of netizens to share their experiences of hiking up to Pulpit Rock and also post more breathtaking pictures of the scenic location.

“I love all the people commenting on the crack, as if they somehow think that Norwegian geological experts never think to check and the public are let up there without any thought for their safety,” commented DrKevGuitar (@DrKevGuitar).

“I’m freaking out, literally, just watching and reading this. I can feel it in my legs. I have the urge to lie flat on the floor. Of my living room,” wrote snoozrooz (@snoozrooz).

“When I was there, there were 20-30mph winds. I didn’t dare approach the edge, but some people did, sitting with their legs dangling,” remarked Tapu Shaikh (@taputechnic).

“Futher into Lysefjorden you’ll find this baby – Kjeragbolten. A big rock wedged between two near vertical walls about 1000(!) meters above sea level,” stated Bjørn Gressetvold (@BGressetvold).

“One of the best places I have visited. Although probably wouldn’t jump on Kjeragbolten again!” posted Andrew Turnbull (@ajt55)

“In the US it would have ugly railings, EXIT signs, and a porta-potty. I’m Europe, they’re like “if you fall over the edge, it’s your own fault,” uttered Austin Purkeypile (@austinpurk).

Popular attraction

However, the location is pretty popular, attracting plenty of people every day during peak months. According to VisitNorway.Com, the hike to Preikestolen (the Norwegian name) is a total of eight kilometers, and the round trip takes four hours. The hike is graded as medium difficulty.

Aerial View of Pulpit Rock in Norway Stunned Netizens, written by Tor Kjolberg