Along the Danish West Coast of Funen

Along the Danish West Coast of Funen

When exploring the island of Funen’s west coast, you’ll find the town Middelfart, where the Middelfart Church, dedicated to St. Nicolas, is located close to the harbor at the end of Algade. In this article, we’ll take you along the Danish west coast of Funen.

On the road to Middelfart, a broad west-facing bay at Tybrind Vig is a site for underwater archeology.

Along the Danish West Coast of Funen
St. Nicholas Church in Meddelfart. Photo: Visit Middelfart

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Must see in Middelfart
The Middelfart Church, or St. Nicolas Church, was built in several stages and has a late Romenesque chancel, a tower first constructed in the 14th century. The richly carved altarpiece is from 1650. In Middelfart, you should also visit the Henner Friiser Hus, a half-timbered house dating from around 1575, and now a part of Middelfart Museum. It contains exhibitions related to the history of the town.

Along the Danish West Coast of Funen
The Culture Island (Kulturøen) in Middelfart. Photo: Visit Middelfart

The Culture Island
The Culture Island (Kulturøen) contains the public library, a cinema, a restaurant, a café and the tourist office.

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North of Middelfart, dramatic steep cliffs line the shore.

Along the Danish West Coast of Funen
Bybækken i Bogense. Photo: Visit Bogense

The popular tourist spot Bogense
The popular tourist spot Bogense is a town with half-timbered houses, narrow streets and a large marina. The city is connected to Odense and Middelfart via buses operated by Fynbus. About 3km (2 miles) east of Bogense is the castle Gyldensteen (feature image on top), a late Renaissance building with an impressive gatehouse (closed to the public). Here, Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen), author of Out of Africa, wrote some of her books during the German Occupation of Denmark in World War II.

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Along the Danish West Coast of Funen
From the Funen Open Air Museum. Photo: Free Images

Walk to the island of Æbelø
From Bogense, you can complete the Funen circle by touring along the sparsely populated north coast to the Hindsholm peninsula and Kerteminde. At low tide you can walk to the island of Æbelø, an unspoilt landscape rich in wildlife.

Along the Danish West Coast of Funen, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Castle Gyldensteen. © Visit Nord-Fyn