Along the Promenade in Copenhagen


Amalienhaven is a modern park donated to the capital of Denmark by the A. F.  Møller shipping company in 1983. Walking along the promenade in Copenhagen to the north you will find the dazzling fountain Gefion Fountain (Gefionspringvandet), dedicated to the Nordic goddess Gefion.

At the start of Langeline is the symbol of Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid (Dern lille havfrue). This bronze statue of the character from Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale was created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913. Quite bizarrely, she was taken to Shanghai, China, in 2010 to sit in lonely state in the Danish pavilion at the World Expo; but that was just a guest visit.

Along the Promenade in Copenhagen
Southern Frihavn in Copenhagen

Along the Promenade in Copenhagen
The quay of Langeline follows, and Europe’s busiest cruise-ship pier is to the north of this at Frihaven (Free Harbor).

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Along the Promenade in Copenhagen
Forecourt of the Paustian House

One of the most architecturally interesting of the newer buildings in this area is Paustians Hus, designed by Jørn Utzon, who also desiuned the Sydney Opera House. Paustian is one of Copenhagen’s finest furniture stores; the building also houses a good restaurant.

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Along the Promenade in Copenhagen
Kastellet Bridge

Back to the city center
Return to the city center via Kastellet (The Citadel), a fortification that has kept its old ramparts intact. Part of the area is still military property.

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Along the Promenade in Copenhagen
The Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945

Churchillparken, a tiny park just south of Kastellet, provides a home for the Museum of the Danish Resistance (Frihedsmuseet), which commemorates the Danish resistance fighters of World War II. Apart from acts of sabotage against Nazi occupants, the underground group managed to get 7,000 of Denmark’s 8,000 Jews out of the country.

Along the Promenade in Copenhagen, written by Tor Kjolberg