Along the Swedish South Coast

Along the Swedish South Coast

Some 40 km (25 miles) southeast of Malmö in Sweden, are the summer idylls of Skanör and Falsterbo. Skanörs Ljung is recommended for bird lovers, particularly in September and October, when a large number of migrating birds gather. Read more about what you can enjoy along the Swedish south coast.

Southeast of Kivik is Bredarör, site of the Bronze Age, Kiviksgraven (King’s Grave). Scientists still debate the mysterious markings on the stones, unearthed in 1748, which are different from any others found in the region.

Along the Swedish South Coast
The original studio in Kristianstad (Filmmuseet) is intact and is now a museum where you can watch old films on video. Photo: Regionmuseet, Kristianstad

Kristianstad is the birthplace of the Swedish film industry, which started around 1910. The original studio (Filmmuseet) is intact and is now a museum where you can watch old films on video.

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Nearby, Kristianstad Vattenrike (Water Kingdom) is a rich wetland on the Helge River, with a diversity of birds, wildlife and plants.

Along the Swedish South Coast
is a tiny province with sandy beaches and Sweden’s most southerly archipelago. It is excellent for sea fishing. You can enjoy peaceful angling in some of the lakes, or good sport for salmon in the Mörrum River. Canoeing is popular.

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Along the Swedish South Coast
Blekinge län (Sverigekartan)

Driving to Blekinge from Skåne, you first reach Sölvesborg, and the ruins of 13th-century Sölvesborg Castle.

Mörrum, 30 km (19 miles) north of Sölvesborg, is noted for its salmon fishing: at Mörrums Kronlaxfiske you can see salmon and trout at different stages of their development; fishing fans can cast a line here too.

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Along the Swedish South Coast
The biggest rown in Blekinge is Karlskrona

The biggest town in Blekinge is Karlskrona, a naval center built in the 17th century, with wide streets and impressive buildings. In the Björkholmen district you’ll find quaint 18th century cottages built by ships’ carpenters.

The nearby village of Kristianopel is renowned for its smoked herring.

Feature image (on top): From Kristianopel. Copyright: Svenskekartan.

Along the Swedish South Coast, compiled and written by Tor Kjolberg