An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel

An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel

Admire the stunning view of the magnificent Sea of Åland while you let yourself relax in a traditional spa at hotel Havsbaden in Grisslehamn. This is indeed an extraordinary Swedish spa hotel.

Exquisitely located in Grisslehamn with gupping waves and splashing plankton below lies this charming conference facility. Already 200 years ago, Grisslehamn was a popular destination, and in 1903 Havsbaden was built as a first version of today’s facility.

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An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel
New rooms and programs have created a place that’s rather a destination than just a hotel.

Recover from hectic everyday life
Here you will achieve complete relaxation and you will be able to rest and recover from hectic everyday life. Located 110 km north of Stockholm, this spa hotel has got a new life.  After two years long renovation, Hotel Havsbaden opened its doors again in July 2018. New rooms and programs have created a place that’s rather a destination than just a hotel.

122 rooms still make the hotel an intimate facility. The bedrooms are furnished in turn of the century and welcome into a time capsule back in time. All double rooms have views of waves and rocks while the single rooms offer 120 cm wide beds for a comfortable rest.

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An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel
Swimmingpool at Havsbaden hotel

7 conference rooms and 3 group rooms
The location could not be better for a spa hotel. During the weekdays, the hotel mostly hosts conferences, and there’s room for up to 350 participants per conference. There are 7 conference rooms and 3 group rooms. The Roslagen is the largest, with space for up to 120 people in charismatic warm interior with carpet and soft green walls. Kobben, Svartklubben and Klippan are suitable for 14-60 people and are also flexible for different seats, all with their own style and color chart.

In Loskäret and Albert Engström, smaller groups meet in a richly surrounded environment. Last (but not least) is Udkiken, a round facility located at the top of one of the towers, where 8 people combine together with extensive views of the archipelago.

An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel
At Havsbaden you will be able to rest and recover from hectic everyday life

Indulge in a chocolate massage
The hotel is equipped with large panorama windows to fully benefit from the fantastic view. Hotel Havsbaden is not a massive spa hotel, but has an intimate and personal vibe and guests can benefit from the small size of the hotel and spa. One of the specialties on the spa menu is the chocolate massage, which is effective for both body and mind.

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An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel
A trip to Åland is just 4 ½ hours by boat, here M/S Eckerö

Enjoy plenty of fresh seafood
Food is something really special at Havsbaden, very much influenced by proximity to the sea. Guests can take delight in their evenings with plenty of fresh seafood locally sourced. A particular focus is in fact given to the use of local ingredients both for freshness and environmental impact. In the dining room visitors will enjoy fantastic dishes while admiring the view to the fishing harbor. Beaches and cliffs are located close to the hotel, and make it ideal for those who love sunbathing.

During the weekends, the hotel welcomes individuals who want to relax from their everyday routine. There are many cozy options at Hotell Havsbaden.

An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel
From Gisslehamn

Popular weekend-packages
“We offer a large range of weekend packages. There’s one that we simply call ‘Just Be’, that includes spa, a nice dinner, breakfast, a robe, and slippers. This has become a popular package,” says Anton Lukeniuk, who is in charge of marketing at the hotel and who’s worked with developing the new concept.

Another popular activity that can be combined with a stay at Hotel Havsbaden is a trip to Åland which is just 4 ½ hours by boat. The spa hotel greets guests all year around with special offerings every season.

An Extraordinary Swedish Spa Hotel, written by Tor Kjolberg

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