Around Lake Vättern in Sweden

Around Lake Vättern in Sweden

Lake Vättern covers an area of 1,912 sq km (/38 sq miles). The areas around Lake Vättern in Sweden is worth a visit!

Habo Church
Near the southern tip of the lake, on the west side, is the 14th century timber-built Habo Church, southwest of Habo village. It features an outstanding painted interior, the work of Johan Christian Peterson and Johan Kinnerus, between 1741 and 1743, illustrating Luther’s catechism and biblical scenes.

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Around Lake Vättern in Sweden
The 14th century timber-built Habo Church. Photo: Wikidata

The 1892 steamer Trafik
Traveling north along the lake, stop at the small waterside resort of Hjo, to enjoy freshly smoked whitefish. Then tour the town in a horse-drawn carriage, or cruise on the lake in the 1892 steamer Trafik. In summer, Hjo hosts the largest craft festival.

Around Lake Vättern in Sweden
Cruise on the lake in the 1892 steamer Trafik. Photo:

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Around Lake Vättern in Sweden
Sweden’s second oldest cathedral (after Lund), dating from the 11th century. Photo: Wikipedia

Sweden’s second oldest cathedral
Skara, 50km (31 miles) to the west of Hjo, has Sweden’s second oldest cathedral (after Lund), dating from the 11th century. Skara Sommarland, 8 km (5 miles) east of Skara on route 49, is a delight for children, with numerous attractions from lunar vehicles to a giant water park.


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For birdwatchers
Around 10km (6 miles) southeast of Skåra on route 184 is Hornborgasjön (image on top), a wildlife area with more than 100 species of birds. This is a stopover for migrating cranes.

Around Lake Vättern in Sweden, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Hornborgasjön. Photo © Elisabeth Landberger /

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