Artist Night in Oslo

Artist Night in Oslo

Gallery Polaris will be hosting its third artist evening on Thursday, August 20, 2020 with Norwegian painter Bjørn Ransve and journalist/author Alf van der Hagen in Felix Cinema at Aker Brygge. Be sure to enjoy this artist night in Oslo.

The Bjørn Ransve exhibition at Gallery Polaris shows over 50 lithographs and one painting for sale. In recent years, the meritorious artist has kept a low profile and worked quietly. The Polaris Gallery is therefore proud to showcase several of Ransve’s new lithography series. Ransve has a unique ability to innovate. In his latest works, he experiments with shapes and colors in innovative and insightful ways.

Artist Night in Oslo
The Norwegian painter Bjørn Ransve (b. 1944) is one of the best-known contemporary Scandinavian artists.

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The Bjørn Ransve Exhibition
In the lobby K1, you may experience one figurative lithograph and several abstract lithographs on a black background, as well as one monumental painting. In the restaurant, a lithograph series of lions, spirals and abstract graphics is conveyed on a black background.

in the lobby K 2, several abstract lithograph series, which are characterized by multicolored expressions. In the Rotunda room, figurative landscape motifs are displayed.

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About the artist’s expression
The Norwegian painter Bjørn Ransve (b. 1944) is one of the best-known contemporary Scandinavian artists. Very few painters express themselves so brilliantly in three dimensions, thematically, technically and formally. Since the onset of late Modernism, he has played a crucial role in shaping painting in Scandinavia and today his works are represented in all important Scandinavian museums.
Artist Night in Oslo
Lithograph by Bjørn Ransve

Bjørn Ransve expressions are both abstract and figurative. Whatever the motive, he always works towards a center point in the image area. A fusion of the abstract and the figurative emerges unconsciously as he works with his images. He researches the surfaces as in a laboratory, where classic and non-figurative forms are reflected in each other.

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Artist Night in Oslo
Alf van der Hagen (born 1962) is a Norwegian journalist and author. Photo: Universitas
About Alf van der Hagen
Alf van der Hagen (born 1962) is a Norwegian journalist and author. He has worked in NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and was the editor-in-chief of Morgenbladet in the period 2003 – 2012.
Artist Night in Oslo
The Fate, by Bjørn Ransve
Artist Night in Oslo
The exhibition is open through 1 September. The artist night on 20 August is due to the corona epidemic allowed for 50 visitors only. Please register through the Gallery Polaris website.


Artist Night in Oslo, written by Tor Kjolberg
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