Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do

Scandinavia is one of those places where you go having high hopes and they are being exceeded. What you find there makes you want to already book your next holiday there. Scandinavia is full of amazing and mesmerizing landscapes and fjords, stunning villages and adventures and experiences to offer you. Read more about Aurland, Norway and 8 incredible things to do there.

According to traveling essay writers from Dissertation Today, the best custom essay service, Scandinavia is such an attractive region because of its wild and bloody history of the Vikings. And on top of this are some amazing experiences and delicious cuisine that could make every traveler instantly wish to come back.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Hiking at Sverrehjornevik. Photo: Visit Flåm

Norway is part of Scandinavia and it offers visitors amazing hiking experiences, glaciers, coastal fjords, and impressive mountain views. And Aurland is one of those places in Norway that offer you the full Scandinavian experience.

Aurland is a small village that began to welcome visitors back in the 19th century. The small village is full of history, and also monuments and valleys to explore. So, here are 8 incredible things you can do in Aurland, according to experts from assignment help and assignment writing.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Hiking in Aurlandsdalen. Photo: Visit Sognefjord

This is one of the most amazing and scenic roads in Aurland. It has been designated as a National Tourist Route which is open and practicable only during the summer. In winter, the road is closed as it becomes pretty dangerous and it is difficult to use it because of the huge amounts of snow. This is why it is locally named Snøvegen, the Snow Road.

The highest point of this route is at over 1300 meters above sea level. Exploring the scenery this road offers you will be an experience. You will get to see mountains, lakes, valleys, and fjords. You can choose to explore this scenic road by car, by bike or hiking. All experiences are unique, but it is advisable to keep in mind that you need to check the weather beforehand and have the necessary hiking equipment.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Steigastein viewpoint. Photo: Fjord Norway

Stegastein Viewpoint
Norway is about dramatic landscapes, lush vegetation, high mountains, and amazing scenery. But it is also about thrilling viewpoints that help you admire nature’s beauties.

Stegastein viewpoint is one of those places you should not miss while in Aurland. It was completed in 2006, as an important part of the Aurlandsfjellet. It is over 600 meters above Aurlandfjord and with a glass floor that gives you an amazing experience.

The panorama is amazing and it only makes you fall in love with Norway more.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
From Lærdal tunnel. Photo: Kulturhistorisk leksikon. Fylkesarkivet

Laerdal Tunnel
Laerdal tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world that connects two cities and it has about 25 km. It connects Aurland with Laerdal and its construction was completed back in 2000.

The tunnel offers visitors an amazing experience. It is divided into four parts of 6 km that feature designs aimed to prevent drivers from falling asleep. They have installed lights and all kinds of designs that simulate the daylight, so while driving through this tunnel you will not see dark. The most impressive thing about this tunnel is that it has its own air purifier plant, who aims to filter the dust.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
The Flåm railway. Photo: Visit Flåm

Flåm Railway 
Do you remember all those scenic and impressive photos with old trains traveling through mountains and lush valleys? Flam railway is one of those and it can offer you an amazing experience. It is on the shortlist of things you must do while in Aurland.

The trail is about 20km long and it connects Flam and Myrdal, small villages of Aurland. The trip lasts one hour and it will walk you through the most scenic parts of Aurland. Nature is such an amazing place to be and spend your holiday in.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Kayaking in the Aurland fjord. Photo: Fjord Norway

Kayak Tour
Aurland is in the middle of nature and you have access to mountains and likes alike. There are many kayak tours, some of which start in Flam, that promise to offer you an amazing experience. Imagine floating on the water in a kayak while having impressive mountains and landscapes in front of you. This is a lifetime experience you will surely want to repeat.

You do not need any kayaking experience because there will be guides that will teach you everything you need to know.

Aurlandsdalen is the perfect place for nature lovers. If you want to take a real hiking experience, then take your boots and equipment with you and start hiking. Aurlandsdalen valley is one of the most popular in Norway, especially because it is also named “The Grand Canyon of Norway”.

This valley offers you spectacular views, unique encounters of local flora and fauna, and the fresh air you need.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
The Viking Village in Aurland

Viking Village 
Gudvagen is a small village in the Aurland Municipality. It takes you a ride of 20 minutes to reach this small, but full of historic village. It is surrounded by impressive waterfalls, mountains, and valleys that complete the whole picture.

Near the harbor, you can find the Viking Village, a beautiful incursion into the life of Vikings. Here you will find a lot of new things about Norway’s history and facts and information about the Viking lifestyle.

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Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Aurland Fjord Prest. Photo: Wikimedia commons.

Mount Prest
Aurland is about nature, mountains, valleys, and a lot of adventures. Any activity you choose to do here will give you shivers, as you will spend a lot of time in nature, observing its marvels. Mount Prest is an amazing hiking trail that rewards you with one of the most amazing and scenic views.

It is important to keep in mind that this hiking trail is not recommended to novices, as it is quite steep and difficult. Always check the weather beforehand, as there are many cliffs on the trail which can become really difficult to overcome on rainy days.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
Photo: Fjord Norway

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do – Conclusion 
Aurland is one of those hidden gems not all people discovered. However, because it is located in the middle of the mountains, many travelers turn to this small town to spend their holiday. And they are not mistaken at all!

Aurland offers anything you want: hiking trails, mountains, waterfalls, lush valleys, fjords, and impressive viewpoints. At the same time, you can embark on adventures with the kayak or try the Flam Railway. Aurland is amazing and it deserves its praise.

Aurland, Norway: 8 Incredible Things to Do
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Feature image (on top): Photo: Aurland Photo / Rolf M. Sørensen – Flåm utvikling as

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