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On Copenhagen’s Amager Island

On Copenhagen’s Amager Island

Visitors glancing out of the plane window near Copenhagen (Kastrup) airport may be intrigued – or even alarmed – by what appears to be...
European Leading Guitar Maker Looking to Norway

European Leading Guitar Maker Is Looking to Norway

The Czech Republic-based acoustic guitar brand Furch is an exceptional tale of creative rebellion. When the company wanted to revitalize its visual expression recently,...
The Great Norwegian Comic Book Artist

The Great Norwegian Comic Book Artist

The Norwegian comic book artist Jason (real name John Arne Sæterøy) has peoduced a series of acclaimed graphic novels that have proven amazingly versatile. Jason (born...
Norwegian Politics for Dummies

Norwegian Politics for Dummies

Norway (and the Scandinavian countries) is said to be very closely to realize the democratic social ideal. It’s a country that is considerably more...