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Christmassy Sweden

Christmassy Sweden

Sweden does a very good job when days are getting shorter, rooftops are covered by snow, candles are flickering and the warm smell of...
Are Scandinavians the Happiest People in the World?

Are Scandinavians the Happiest People in the World?

The Nordic model, also called Nordic social democracy, refers to the economic and social policies common to the three Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and...
In Copenhagen

The Oldest Residential District in Copenhagen

On Bernstorffsgade, across from the Copenhagen Tivoli’s west entrance, is the Central Railway Station (Hovedbanegården). Beyond it to the west lies Vesterbro, one of...
Danish Design Hotel

One Year Anniversary for Danish Design Hotel in Japan

On December 1, 2016 The Finn Juhl Hotel in Hakuba, Japan opened for business in a former lodge and is entirely decorated with furniture...