Bad Habits From Norway

Bad Habits From Norway

The title might be misleading since we’re writing about a rapper group from Bergen in Norway named Dårlig Vane (Bad Habits, translated into English). Bad Habits from Norway had its breakthrough in 2016 with the EP “71”.

The hip hop trio Dårlig vane was formed in 2012 by Lars “Kikkan” Holme from Loddefjord outside Bergen and Martin “Lazy” Valding from Olsvik. In 2014, the duo expanded with Amadou Jobarth from Olsvik.

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Bad Habits From Norway
Martin Hazy. Photo: Bergensfest

Martin Hazy has made a name for himself as one of Norway’s most productive rappers. In addition to having released a steady stream of hits since Dårlig Vane’s first major release “Gikk i bakken” in 2017, Hazy has in recent years released a slew of solid singles as a solo artist as well as his latest release “Ut av huset”.

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The debut album «Oppkjørt & Nedkjølt (Revved up and Cooled down) » was received with great enthusiasm by both the press and the underground and appeared on the newspaper Bergens Tidende’s list of the ten best albums from Bergen in 2018. They wrote: “The year’s hardest, broadest and most cutting-edge rap albums. Martin Hazy shows why he is one of Norway’s most respected rappers.”

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Martin Hazy has collaborated with artists like Cezinando, Angelo Raira, Store P, Onkel P, Moggger and 612.

Bad Habits From Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Photo SNL

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