Bed & Bike in Denmark


Experience the Market Town bike route Lolland-Falster. 



On the lovely islands of Lolland and Falster lay no less than 7 Market Towns, which all still oozes of historical charm, but which also have a lot of modern facilities and cultural experiences to offer. The towns are situated not far apart, which makes them an obvious choice for a cycling route.

We have put together this 4-day tour, which is suited for summer as well as winter. The tour starts in Stubbekøbing in the northwest corner of Falster close to the train station in Nørre Alslev. It ends in Nykøbing Faster and is therefore easily accessible by public transport where you can bring your bike.

Day 1 – 45 km

Nørre Alslev – Stubbekøbing – Nykøbing F.

The tour starts at the train station in Nørre Alslev in north Falster. You should pay a visit to Nørre Alslev Church where you can see The Dance of Death, one of the fresco masterpieces of the unknown artist called “the Elmelunde Master”. Take the regional bike route 40 for about 10 km to Stubbekøbing. Here you will find plenty of peace and harmony in the old twisted streets and among the fishermen in the harbour. Next stop is Nykøbing Falster, the largest town on the island and the unofficial capital of Falster. It’s also a must to visit the Medieval Centre.


Attractions in Stubbekøbing: 

• The town square with Falsters oldest church and old town hall which is known for it’s precocious words on the facade.

• Stubbekøbing Regional Museum with Northen Europe’s largest collection of scales.

• Motorcycle – and Radio Museum


Places to eat:

The Elf Inn serves authentic open sandwiches, the way they’re supposed to taste.

Attractions in Nykøbing:

• The Convent Church

• The Medieval Center

• Nykøbing F. Revue

Places to eat:

Restaurant Czarens Hus

Places to stay:

Falster City Camping, Danhostel Nykøbing F. or Hotel Falster

Day 2 – 74 km

Nykøbing F. – Nysted – Nakskov

From Falster’s main city Nykøbing the trip continues to the romantic village of Nysted with the authentic medieval castle and the cottage of the Danish poet Emil Aarestrup. Moving on, the next stop could be in Tågerup where you can visit “Polakkasernen” a museum showing the history and the conditions for the many Polish girls, that came to Lolland to work in the turnip fields. Continue on to Rødby, which was formerly a busy port until the fjord sanded up. The last stretch this day is along the dike towards the Baltic Sea to Nakskov in West Lolland – the city by the fjord with the most islands in Denmark.


Attraktioner i Nysted:

• The Town Hall with glockenspiel 

• The house and garden of Emil Aarestrup

• World of the wind

Places to eat:

Lunch at Café Kabyssen

Attractions in Rødby:

• Rødby Church

• Stormflodsstøtten

Places to eat:

Afternoon coffee from the bakery in the town square.

Attractions in Nakskov:

• Sail on the fjord on the mail boat

• Nakskov Ship- and Seafaring Museum

• Sugar Museum

Palaces to eat:


Restaurant Fjorden or Skovridergaarden

Places to stay:

Hestehovedet Camping or Hotel Harmonien


Day 3 – 40 km

Nakskov – Maribo – Sakskøbing

You start out from Nakskov and go straight east towards the beautifully located Maribo with the large abbey church facing the lakes. From Maribo there’s only a short distance to Saxkøbing – the last stop of the day. Enjoy a gourmet-dinner at the cozy little Saxkjøbing Hotel as a perfect end to a lovely holiday.


Attractions in Maribo:

• Maribo Cathedral with the grave of Leonora Christine

• Diocese Museum

• The Nature Park “Lakes of Maribo” – guided tour
Day 4 – 20 km

Sakskøbing – Nykøbing

It not far from Saxkøbing to Nykøbing which give you more time to enjoy the city’s many activities or do some shopping – you choose. When it’s time, the train will bring you back home – maybe a little more sore legged, but richer on experiences.

Attractions in Sakskøbing:

• Sakskøbing Church

• Watertower Saxine

• The Town Square with the staue of the “turnip girls” 


Places to eat:

Supper at Hotel Saxkjøbing

Places to stay:

Sakskøbing CampingHotel SaxkjøbingDanhostel Sakskøbing

So by now you should know how to bed & bike in Denmark.

Source: Visit Denmark