Benefits Of Renting An Electric Car In Scandinavia

Benefits Of Renting An Electric Car In Scandinavia

Although Norway is not the most obvious country to start a transportation revolution, electric vehicles (EVs) have suddenly become commonplace in this country. If Norway can achieve it, any nation can. But why are they so popular in the country of long driving distances, rugged mountains and a very cold climate? Today we will tell you about all the pros and cons of a decision to switch to Evs. Learn more about the benefits of renting an electric car in Scandinavia.

Driving pleasure

Electric cars are more fun to drive because they are faster at speed. Even the second-generation Nissan Leaf Plus can run up to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. In addition, they are easier to control, because the battery pack reduces the center of gravity of the car. This helps to distribute the weight and make the car more stable. In turns, the risk of overturning is reduced. In addition, many people report no noise.

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We recommend you check tesla prices uae and rent electric iron horse for long-term use. On the online rental platform, you will find not only electric cars but also sports cars, luxury cars, crossovers, pickups, and many other models of various brands for hiring. New electric cars are quite expensive, and by renting them you will be able to enjoy their advantages at an affordable price.

No spending on fuel

Benefits Of Renting An Electric Car In Scandinavia
There are plenty of places where cars can be charged. Photo: Oxana/Unsplash

Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline and gas. In some cases – half cheaper. Some drivers charge their cars home at night. By the way, in some countries, rates are lower at night. But there are also places, where an electric car can even be charged for free. For example, in hotels, service points, or gas stations.

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There are plenty of such places. For convenience, you can install a special application that shows public charging.

Some very pleasant perks

There are a number of incentives in place in Norway as well, like reduced road tolls, limited access to bus lanes, and cheaper public parking for EV drivers, but this is the most significant and effective action that any nation can take

Global mission

Greenhouse gases have a significant impact on climate change. The environmental situation in many cities is unsanitary. This particularly affects the well-being of children and the elderly.

Electric vehicles do not emit exhaust. Even when electricity consumption is taken into account, they significantly reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions. The air is getting cleaner and health is getting better. Future generations will be grateful for it.

In the event of an accident, the car does not ignite and explodes.

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Quick charge

Benefits Of Renting An Electric Car In Scandinavia
At the official charging stations, it takes 20-40 minutes to charge the motor at 80%. Photo: myenergi/Unsplash

How fast the electric car will charge depends on the volume of the battery, the power of the electric current, and the features of the charging point itself. You can also connect to a conventional electrical socket, but the car will charge up to 12 hours. At the official charging stations, it takes 20-40 minutes to charge the motor at 80%. This process may take 10 minutes in the near future.

On average, the full charge is enough for 250 km.

Disadvantages of electric cars

The drawbacks often include long charging of the accumulator, like 20 minutes – it is much longer than just pouring gasoline into the tank. There may also be charging problems. Especially if you are going out of town.

The battery stock may not be enough if you are going on a long trip. In this case, it is advisable to plan the route so that it is possible to recharge.

Many also complain about the size of electric cars, as they are mostly double-seated. There are not many large models.

Be prepared for the fact that too hot or cold weather can reduce the capacity of the battery, as it leads to heating.

However, taking into account all these drawbacks, theNorwegian parliament has decided that all sales of new cars and vans shall be zero emission by 2025, which is saying something about this tech.

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