Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden

Spring is the perfect time of year to get outside and take in all that Sweden has to offer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the wildflowers are in bloom. Learn more about best activities to embrace spring in Sweden.

There are plenty of cultural events that coincide with spring, too. You can join Valborg celebrations across the country or see the cherry blossoms at the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens.

You’ll need to do a little planning and preparation to see the best that Sweden has to offer, so consider adding these activities to your itinerary.


Valborg — also known as Walpurgis Eve — marks the start of spring. People celebrate Valborg on the last day of April. Traditionally, the festival was meant to ward off witches and bad spirits. The traditional Valborg celebration was about building bonfires, or majbrasor, for protection and stirring up a ruckus to dispel all that is evil.

There are a few different ways to celebrate Valborg. If you love to party, you might want to book a train to a university town like Uppsala. You can watch the university choir perform a spring concert and join in with festivities and merry-making later in the day.

If you prefer a more toned-down approach, consider attending a choir performance in Lundagard. Just be sure to take in all your activities early in the day, as the choir performance will quickly turn into a party in the park.

Dining Out in Spring

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden
Dining outside is the perfect way to enjoy Sweden in the spring.

Dining outside is the perfect way to enjoy Sweden in the spring. You can breathe the spring air in and enjoy the open green spaces that Sweden has to offer.

Sweden is well known for its sustainable cuisine. Choose restaurants that use locally sourced, seasonal produce to help you eat more sustainably throughout all the seasons. In the springtime, look for menus that utilize ingredients like artichokes, apricots, chives, fennel, and peas.

Try a few traditional dishes while traveling throughout Sweden in spring. Husmannskost (traditional cuisine) aligns with the seasons and is innately sustainable. You may find that some dishes, like blueberry soup and surströmming, are an acquired taste that you come to love by the end of the season.

Cycling the Sydkustleden

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden
Sydostleden is a 260km track that follows Sweden’s southern coastline. Photo:

The Sydkustleden is Sweden’s third national cycle route and links the Kattegattleden and Sydostleden. It’s a 260km track that follows Sweden’s southern coastline, which makes it the ideal location for a late-spring cycle adventure while the North warms up.

The Sydkustleden was built in 2019, so the roads and trails are still in great condition. You’ll get to see plenty of wildlife along the way, too, as the varied scenery is home to an array of birds and mammals.

The Sydkustleden is a coastal course that passes through fishing towns and beaches. If you want to cycle the length of the Sydkustleden, consider booking into inns and BnBs along the way.

You don’t have to cycle the entire length of the Sykustleden, either. Cycling a few miles a day is a great way to see nature come to life in spring while exercising. Spring is the ideal time to start a new self-care habit, as you can practice mindfulness between cycle stops and enjoy the benefits that regular exercise brings to your mental and physical health.

Hiking in Bohuslän

Sweden’s hillsides and mountain ranges are perfect for hiking and camping. Bohuslän is the perfect place to walk, as you can choose from gentle hillsides or more strenuous footpaths.

If you’re an avid hiker, take the Kuststigen trail. The trail passes a range of different landscapes and scenery. The path will take you all the way to Oslo in Norway if you follow it for long enough, and you’ll get a chance to see waterfalls, deciduous forests, and ancient rock carvings.

You can find some incredible campgrounds in Bohuslän, too. Spend the day in a national forest, or camp by the water in Hunnebostrand. Just be sure to pack appropriately, as you may have limited access to resources like running water if you choose to camp in a more rural location.

Gardens and Cherry Blossoms

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden
Blossom tree on King’s Garden. Photo: Freepik

Sweden is a great country for gardeners and folks who love getting out in the wilderness. National parks and nature reserves cover a tenth of Sweden’s land mass, and the country hosts many botanical gardens.

The nation’s best cherry blossoms are found in the capital, Stockholm. Kungsträdgården, a public park, hosts an annual Japanese festival and you can walk amongst the trees and stalls for free. You can beat the crowds by venturing southwest across the country to Gothenburg, where you’ll find botanical gardens and cherry blossoms in abundance.

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden – Conclusion

Spring is a special time of year in Sweden. The days are longer, and the wildflowers are in bloom. See spring in by celebrating Valborg and eating out in sustainable restaurants all across Sweden. If you have a passion for nature, be sure to see the cherry blossoms in Stockholm and cycle the Sydkustleden.

Best Activities to Embrace Spring in Sweden
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