Best Backpacking Trails in Scandinavia


The Scandinavian territory is on top of the list of many hikers and backpackers. Whether you are looking for scenic views, breathtaking landscapes, or volcanic terrain, Scandinavia has all of that, and more. Find out more about the best backpacking trails in Scandinavia.

Hiking on these lands is a mind-blowing experience where you’d get to see unspoiled views and unusual wildlife. In this article, we’ll talk about the best trails you can set foot on in this marvelous land of wonders.

Best Backpacking Trails in Scandinavia
King’sw Trail will take you far to the north of the country, through four national parks. Photo: Wikipedia

The King’s Trail – Sweden
If you are starting your backpacking journey in Sweden, hitting the King’s Trail is the perfect choice for you. The road will take you far to the north of the country, through four national parks and the scenic beauty of the mountains surrounding it.

The hike is one of the most famous and longest in Sweden since it takes around a month to complete. The most popular region is between Nikkaluokta and Abisko, being 105 km in length. You can start the hike near the STF Abisko Turiststation and head out to the National Park nearby.

On the way, you’ll witness many lakes, mountain huts, and breathtaking landscapes. Despite being located on such an inconvenient surface, the King’s Trail is pretty straightforward for hiking. If you are well-equipped and fit, you can finish it with minimal effort.

A fun fact: In the 70s, the government tried to extend the King’s Trail, but that was unsuccessful and Sweden ended up with a Southern King’s Trail. This trail stretches to Grövelsjön on the North and Salen on the South.

As a side note: Make sure you are equipped with the essential backpacking gear! You need to bring items like sleeping bags, lightweight backpacking tents, or sleeping pads to stay protected outdoors.

Best Backpacking Trails in Scandinavia
The Romsdalseggen trail is the best road for seeing the fjords and the western coastline of Norway. Photo: Visit Norway

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Romsdalseggen – Norway
The Romsdalseggen trail is the best road for seeing the fjords and the western coastline of Norway. It’s a hike that every backpacker is looking forward to due to the mesmerizing terrain, untouched nature, and wonderful remote locations.

The starting point is the town of Andalsnes, however, you can start your trip at Vengedalen Valley and finish in Andalsnes. You will head out to a hillside where you can see muddy trails and livestock.

As you climb higher, you will see alpine grass, bushes, and rocky landscapes. Ascending 800 meters through the field, you will hike along the ridge, and down the boulders. The end stop is in Andalsnes, which is a steep path that will take you back to the town.

A fun fact: Stairs have been added on the trail for faster descending to Åndalsnes.

Farum Lake Loop – Denmark
The Farum Lake Loop is the favorite backpacking trail among backpackers in Denmark. The path is a 10 km hiking trail around the lake which is perfect for a morning hike. The road features romantic sceneries with hidden meadows, crannies, ancient relics, and grasslands. You’ll feel like you are hiking through a land of fairytales.

If you prefer a hike filled with nature, rowing boats, and rare plants, the Farum Lake Look has all of that. You can even go kayaking or canoeing and enrich your backpacking experience with an exciting activity.

Get Your Backpack Ready!
While this is our list of favorite Scandinavian backpacking trails, feel free to check other roads and determine the one that will suit your needs. For more content regarding backpacking, hiking tips, and most famous trails, head out to our blog and check our insights.

Best Backpacking Trails in Scandinavia
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Feature image (on top): From King’s Trail. Photo © Visit Sweden

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