Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees


Have you chosen to pursue a Scandinavian study degree? If you have, your choices for education in the US are not very numerous. This type of major is currently offered at a limited number of schools. Nevertheless, you can still find quality programs that aren’t necessarily taught in Scandinavian universities in Europe as long as you know where to look. Read more about the best colleges with Scandinavian studies degrees

In this article, you’ll learn some details about the cost of Scandinavian studies for students, as well as get access to a list of some of the highest-ranked colleges that offer such a degree. The list is based on editorial reviews, college graduates’ success, surveys and reliable sources. Here’s a list of 7 best laptops for college students.

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees
If you’re interested in Scandinavian Studies, you can get many prospects with a degree. Photo: Pexels

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List of the Best Colleges to Study Scandinavian Major

Firstly, let’s begin by listing the top rated colleges that offer such a degree.

University of Washington – Seattle Campus, Seattle, WA
The world-renowned University of Washington currently offers four Scandinavian Studies degree programs. The university is one of the biggest in the US, with a tremendous selection of different majors and thousands of students enrolled in their programs every year. However, since the interest in these studies is far from big when compared to their remaining majors being offered, they usually have a very low number of graduates in this area. In fact, only 6 students graduated in Scandinavian Studies back in 2015, all of them earning a Bachelor degree.

Don’t think that because of the small number, you’ll have an easy task obtaining this degree. This particular university is highly rated for their quality, yet very strict education processes. My advice is to take this amazing journey, but have some tricks up your sleeve for when your studies get hard. You might want to know about the best custom writing company for when you have a paper due and can’t do it on your own.

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees
Scandinavian study degrees are currently offered at a limited number of schools

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University of California, Los Angeles, CA
The University of California in Los Angeles currently offers two Scandinavian Studies programs. This is also quite a large university with many different majors and fields of study. According to CollegeCalc, they had only 2 graduates who chose this program back when they made the report.

University of Wisconsin, Madison
The third option in this list offers four degree programs in Scandinavian studies. The city it is located in is rather smaller than the previous two, but the university is a large public educational institution with many different programs. In 2015, a slightly bigger number of students received their Bachelor’s degree in this major – 9 students, out of which 7 obtained their doctoral degrees, while 2 obtained their Bachelor’s degrees.

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
This university has shown very similar results with their Scandinavian Studies degree programs – 2 graduates back in 2015. The Pacific Lutheran University is a private university, much smaller than the rest in this list. It’s located in a big suburb and has quite the wide choice of different programs, including the quality program for Scandinavian Study degrees.

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Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
With a total of 2 degree programs in this field, the private university in the suburbs have deserved a nice spot in this list. They have an excellent program and, back in 2015 when the aforementioned research was conducted, they had 2 Bachelor graduates in the area of Scandinavian Studies.

Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, MN
There’s just one Scandinavian Studies degree program offered at the Gustavus Adolphus College alongside their numerous and versatile programs for different fields. This small private university is located in a rather outlying town, but has enjoyed great popularity and, compared to some universities who offer the same program in the list, much bigger interest. They had 9 Bachelors in 2015.

Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
Last but definitely not the least, the Minnesota State University has a great program for Scandinavian Studies, as well as the most attractive price for the program. In 2015, four students graduated and obtained their Bachelor’s degree in this field.

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees
Library at Lund University, Sweden

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees: The Cost
According to CollegeCalc, the most affordable bachelor program in Scandinavian Studies is currently offered by the Minnesota State University Mankato at a cost of $26.589 annually. Compared to this, the most popular bachelor program for this major in the US is the University of Washington in Seattle, with a total of 11 degrees awarded per year.

This is a rarely selected program in the United States, but not because of the lack of demand or because it’s not an interesting field to study. If you’re interested in Scandinavian Studies, you can get many prospects with the degree obtained in one of these universities.

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees
Nicole Cowart

Best Colleges with Scandinavian Studies Degrees is written for Daily Scandinavian by Nicole Cowart. Nicole works as a technical writer, as well as a freelance tutor for students who choose to pursue the same major in school. According to her, choosing to study this was the best choice she’s ever made.

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