Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen

Iced Coffee are available most places where coffee is served in Copenhagen. Here’s our guide to some of the best places for iced coffee in Copenhagen.

The Brits call it Cold brew coffee, and the Copenhagen baristi know exactly how to brew it. Daily Scandinavian has explored the capital of Denmark and here are our recommendations.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Bevars oin Copenhagen

Ravnsborggade 10B
For work or pleasure, this is a must ho-to-spot, not only for excellent coffee, but for budget dinner and drinks as well. The interior design is appealing – a true Scandi café.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Cakenhagen in Copenhagen. Pgoto: Lasse Salling

Tivoli’s new pastry shop is a genuine wonderland for the smooth youth, featuring a wide variety of delicate cakes as well as delicious iced coffee – or bubbling champagne – if you prefer.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Coffee Collective in Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective
If you are a coffee liver, don’t miss this one. At the Coffee Collective, they have a mission:
“The dream that drives The Coffee Collective is to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe.”

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
The Coffee Factory in Copenhagen

Coffee Factory
Cozy relaxed atmosphere and awesome iced coffee. Great pastries to go with your coffee. The mirrors make the coffee shop brighter and look like there’s more seating than actually available. A superb place for a coffee with some bakery.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
District Tonkin in Copenhagen

District Tonkin
Dronningen Tværgade
Have you ever tried Vietnamese iced coffee? It’s delicious! Their Vietnamese filter coffee with condensed milk is also like taking a sip of Vietnam. This is also a great place for a good meal on a budget.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Far’s dreng in Copenhagen

Far’s Dreng (Eng.: Father’s boy)
At Far’s Dreng, you can enjoy colorful flavors of photogenic meals. The place is in particular known for their breakfast – including croissants, fries, waffles and toasted rye bread and a lot of temptations. You can chose which type of milk you want to use in their iced coffee.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Græsk smag in Copenhagen

Græsk smag (Eng: Taste of Greece)
Enjoy the Greek iced coffee called frappe, or the ice cold espresso called freddo. Also try freshly made tasty pastry at this friendly place in a convenient location.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Kaffebaren på Amager in Copenhagen

Kaffebaren på Amager
Simple and friendly atmosphere in the Amager Strandpark area where you can enjoy super coffee meditating alone or chatting with friends. This is indeed one of Copenhagen’s best (and tiniest) iced coffee bars. You can even enjoy a very nice and affordable breakfast there.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Kaffeplantagen in Copenhagen

Sankt Hans Torv 3
Speciality: Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream. Elbhold coffee shop in Hamburg is a good comparison if you’ve ever been there.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Lagkakehuset in Copenhagen

Vesterbrogade 4A
This is probably the best bakery in the Danish capital – serving superb iced coffee. Be sure to buy the 70 percent full grain ryebread to take with you before leaving.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Original Coffee in Copenhagen

Original Coffee
Illum Rooftop, Østergade 52
This small rooftop terrace in the city center is excellent for the cold brew. For a traditionally Danish sweet treat, try the hindebærsnitte (raspberry tart). Enjoy the view as well.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Riccos Coffee Shop in Copenhagen

Riccos Coffe Bar
Stefansgade 15, Nørrebro
Legendary uced coffees, best cortados in the capital – and perhaps the sweetest baristi around!

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Rist kaffebar in Copnhagen

Rist kaffebar
A nice and cozy coffee bar making the perfect brew. Here you can enjoy design magazines and listen to good music played at a comfortable level. Delicious snacks and lovely service.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Roast coffee bar in Copenhagen

Roast Coffee
Vestmannagade 4

This coffee spot in Copenhagen do put the Daish capital on the barista map. The interior is uncluttered and customers can mingle or just enjoy the aromas from the cappuccinos. Have your coffee exactly how you want it. Those who enjoy a quality brew, join the queue. The wait is worth it.

Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen
Tak for kaffe in Copenhagen

Tak for kaffe
The Danish expression ‘Tak for kaffe’ is in fact the Danish way of saying ‘Wow’. And we guarantee you’ll say ‘wow’ to their iced coffee. It’s amazing – and the priced there are absolutely affordable.

There you have it; some of the places for the best iced coffee in Copenhagen.

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Best Iced Coffee in Copenhagen, compiled by Admin

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