Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017

Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017

30 restaurants in several gastronomical price categories was announced during a gala held in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast last month, arranged by White Guide.

The Nordic version of White Guide has been published yearly since 2005. Every year around 800 restaurants in the Nordic countries are tested.

Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017
Restaurant Fredrikshøj, Oddersvej, Aarhus, Denmark

At the gala last month, the top 30 Scandinavian restaurants in the uppermost two gastronomic categories were presented, and prizes were awarded in categories such as Merroir, Terroir, Best Restaurant, Worth a Journey, Best Sustainable Gastronomy, Best Wine Experience and many others.

Here are the Scandinavian winners.

  1. Esperanto, Stockholm, Sweden

    Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017
    Esperanto, Stockholm
  2. Fäviken, Magasinet Järpen, Sweden
  3. Maaemo, Oslo, Norway
  4. Geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Kadeau Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Gastrologik, Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Oaxen Krog, Stockholm, Sweden
  8. Restaurant AOC, Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne Tranås, Sweden

    Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017
    Falsled kro, Denmark
  10. Kong Hans Kælder, Copenhagen, Denmark
  11. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. Søllerød Kro, Holte, Denmark
  13. Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark
  14. PM & Vänner, Växjö, Sweden
  15. Slotskøkkenet / Dragsholm Slot, Hørve, Denmark
  16. Restaurant Koch, Aarhus, Denmark
  17. Faroe Islands
  18. Restaurang Vollmers, Malmö, Sweden

    Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017
    Restaurant Koch, Aarhus, Denmark
  19. Operakällaren, Stockholm, Sweden
  20. Koka, Gothenburg, Sweden
  21. Frederikshøj, Aarhus, Denmark
  22. Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark
  23. Adam/Albin, Stockholm, Sweden
  24. Kadeau Bornholm, Aakirkeby, Denmark
  25. Re-Naa, Stavanger, Norway

    Best Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017
    Kadeau, Copenhagen Photo: Marie Louise Munkegaard
  26. Falsled Kro, Millinge, Denmark
  27. Omakase Köttslöjd, Stockholm, Sweden
  28. Sabi Omakase, Stavanger, Norway
  29. Finland
  30. Ti Trin Ned, Fredericia, DenmarkBest Scandinavian Gourmet Restaurants 2017 is based on a press release from White Guide.

    Feature image (on top) Restaurant Mielcke Hurtigkarl, Copenhagen

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