Best Scandinavian Outdoor Adventure


The team of Daily Scandinavian has voted the top outdooradventures in Scandinavia. We want to point you in the right direction, so you may enjoy your visit to this part of the world even better.

Here’s your chance to experience the sheer beauty of Scandinavia. Enjoy the best Scandinavian outdoor adventure.

Husky safaris and reindeer-sledging
Explore Lapland’s icy wastes in classic fashion, driven along by a team of huskies or reindeer.


Cycling in Denmark
Flat countryside and fabulous bike paths make Denmark a cycling dream. Try Bornholm island for a taste of two-wheeled freedom.


Cross-country skiing in the capital of Norway
The Oslomarka area has an incredible 2,500 km (1500 miles) of cross-country skiing trails.


Sailing in Stockholm
Experience the joy of sailing the Stockholm archipelago on a full-day sailing adventure in a historic schooner or a modern luxury yacht. (See feature image on top)

Hiking in Norway
Scandinavia offers plenty of exceptional hiking, but there’s something magical about the Jotunheimen National Park.