Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands is an archipelago and traditional district in Nordland County, Norway. It is divided into five main islands from the north to south, namely Hinnøya, Austvagøy, Vestvagøy, Moskenesøya, and Flakstadøya. Here’s out take on the best things to see in the Lofoten islands, Norway.

A Brief Fact About the Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands is famous as a tourist destination for its distinctive scenery featuring dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches, and untouched lands. It is above the Arctic Circle; during summer, the sun doesn’t set, and in winter, it never rises.

The Norwegian Sea surrounds the island, and it also connects to the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago experiences an elevated temperature — one of the world’s most massive — due to anomalies relative to its high latitude. Its largest town, Leknes, is 2,420 kilometers from the arctic North Pole and one of the world’s most populated northernmost regions.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Hamnøya, Lofoten. Photo: Visit Norway

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What to See When Visiting the Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands are delightful to visit. Tourism is a year-round event on the island, and no matter the season, there are countless sights to see and enjoy. It offers secluded beaches, snug fishing harbors, kayaking, and camping to tourists in the summer.

During winter, visitors can see the spectacular northern lights, and go skiing if they wish. Listing the best things to see when visiting the Lofoten Islands is a bit tricky as it has several beautiful sights. However, in the next few paragraphs, we’ll provide some suggestions.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten War Musuem. Photo:

The Lofoten War Museum
The Lofoten War Museum holds the largest exhibition of rare uniforms and artifacts from the Second World War. At the museum, you’ll see unique historic photographic evidence of the five years the war raged.

The snapshots tell the story of the war in a way that engages its audience and makes them feel they are experiencing it personally. War veterans worldwide have given it positive feedback, and some consider it one of the best war museums in the world.

The museum is in the town of Svolvær, and it is a must-see for tourists, especially if you love history. It is open every day, all year, and visitors pay 100 NOK for adults, 30 NOK for children between 7and 15 years, and 80 NOK per person for groups with a minimum of 12 people.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Trollfjord. Photo:

The Trollfjord or Trollfjorden is a fjord in the Hadel Municipality of the Lofoten Islands. It is 2 kilometer in length, cuts into the island of Austvagoya, and flows out into the Raftsundet strait. The Fjord is a tourist attraction because of its natural beauty consisting of a narrow entrance and steep-sided mountains.

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If you wish to see this nature’s delight, you have to use a boat or take a hike on its 10km rugged terrain. Cruise lines are known to pass through the Fjord during summer, and Hurtigruten ships on the route between Bergen and Kirkenes.

Lofoten Museum. Photo: Museum.nordThe Lofoten Museum
The Lofoten Museum is located in Storvågan and is a must-see for tourists, especially if you love fishing. The museum has a wealth of knowledge of Lofoten’s fishing history, and an 1815 building houses it.

The museum boasts of authentic fishermen cabins and boat houses featuring Nordland boats. It offers picture-games, and exhibitions on the Lofoten fisheries, ports, lighthouses, traditional crafts, and a beautiful garden with historic perennials.

It is part of the SKREI Experience Center and lies within walking distance of Gallery Espolin and the Lofoten Aquarium, two places which are also tourist destinations. Visitors can come in from Sunday to Monday during its opening months, and the pricing is fair for individuals, children, and

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Vågan Church, Kabelvåg. Photo: Wikimedia commons

The Vågan Church
Even if you are not a religious person, you have to see the Vagan Church. It is a parish of the Church of Norway, and it is in the village of Kabelvag on Austvagoya Island. Built in 1898 by the architect Carl J. Bergstrom, the yellow wooden structure is the largest wooden building in Northern Norway and can seat about 1,200 people.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Viking Museum. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik / Lofoten museum

Lofoten Viking Museum
If you are interested in seeing the largest Viking-era house globally, you have to visit the Lofotr Viking Museum. The building is in Borg and an 83-meter (272 feet) reconstruction of the original structure.

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Visitors can participate in the museum’s Viking feast with activities like singing, dancing, and local cuisine. If you are visiting in the summer, you can row a Viking ship, participate in archery and other Viking activities.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
The Svolvær Goat. Photo: Wikimedia commons

Svolvær Goat
The Svolvær Goat is a 150 meter (490 feet) tall pinnacle on the edge of the town of Svolvær on Austvagoya Island. It is famous for those who love daredevil climbs and have an adventurous spirit.

The biggest dare to visitors is jumping the one-meter distance between the goat horns. Climbing to the mountaintop is also a top achievement, and the first climbers to achieve the feat, Ferdinand Schjelderup, Alf Bonnievie Bryn, and Carl Wilhelm Rubenson, did so on August 1st, 1910.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Reine. Photo:

Reine is a must-see if you are in the Lofoten Islands. It is a beautiful fishing village located on Moskenesoya. It is a favorite among tourists, especially those who love to paint its stunning Fjords and climb mountains. The high grounds also afford you the view of the Moskenesstraumen, one of the strongest whirlpools in the world.

Visit the Lofoten Islands
If you’re looking for a picturesque place filled with natural wonders to spend your vacation, then plan to visit the Lofoten Islands. Whether you are hiking on the road or looking from the comfort of your hotel room, you will see sights that will take your breath away. However, you can also explore the island and visit the places mentioned in this article.

Best Things to See in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
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