Bike and Bite: Copenhagen’s Gardens of Eden


The most common of activities visitors to Copenhagen and Denmark will see is Danes biking everywhere.

Biking is a national sport in Denmark. Whether road, mountain biking or even unicycles you will find bike trails and lanes for every bike craze in every city, county and region. It’s a real pleaure to bike through Copenhagen’s gardens of Eden.

Experienced biker or not, Denmark is the perfect place to travel by bike, and there are accommodations for bikers are everywhere.

Visiting a close friend in the suburbs, 15 minutes from the city of Copenhagen, I was left with the feeling of being in the country side and could easily notice the Danish encouragement of using bikes to enjoy their amazing gardens and lakes.

The morning started with bikers leading the way to Nybro Kro, a tavern that struck me as the Hobbit tavern from Lord of the Rings! A great start of a morning on to a scenic bike ride around the lakes.

For a morning start, treat yourself to one of Nybro Kro‘s signature breakfasts and the city’s best sunny side eggs on roast beef and home baked bread. With a hearty breakfast, it’s a good time to burn those calories for a ride around the lakes and channels, rich in activities, history, scenery and wildlife.

The communities of Fure and Lyngby are made up of three lakes interconnected by stunning channels known as The Millstream system, Bakvaerd Lake, famous for rowing world championships, Lyngby lake for its scenic beauty, fishing and bird life and the largest lake, Fure, rich in wild life and home of the Grey Heron are literally the “Gardens of Eden” of Copenhagen.

280714_The_Mill_Stream_Denmark_Daily Scandinavian
The Mill Stream gained its name from the system of mills running through the channels and starts from Bastrup Lake, and leads all the way into Oresund (Øresund) that separates Denmark and Sweden. According to “The Mill Stream has been used for mill operations all the way back to Viking times”.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful scenic day on the lake and the stunning canals, a canal ferry, boat, canoe and kayak rentals are conveniently accessible on either end of the Millstream channel between Lyngby and Fure.

To end a fantastic day in the Gardens of Eden, why not enjoy a local summer grill Buffet by the channel at the Hotel Fredriksdal directly off to the right of the river cruise dock.

Grillbuffet – Hotel Frederiksdal, v. Lyngby, June 13 – August 14, 2014,  6.00 – 9.00 p.m.


Lars T. Tanskanen

Jannik Stuhr – local expert on biking trails and photography.