Bike Garage in the Center of Stockholm


Swedish Belatchew Architects unveils innovative designs for Stockholm bike garage at Södra Station in the center of Stockholm.

The project, still in the early stages, will cater for the city’s growing ranks of cyclists and will have parking facilities for up to 700 bikes but no space for motor vehicles. There will be 57 appartments in the house.

The bike garage will be built on a site next to a major train station and will also act as a community space, with cafes, repair shops and social space.

Combining health and fitness with good design is a key feature for Belatchew Architects, which plans to also provide showers and lockers for people to leave their helmets and belongings.

Bike-friendly design is apparent throughout the building’s plan which features sliding doors to enable cyclists to pedal in from the street and large windows to create a visual connection between inside and out.

Bike Garage in the Center of Stockholm, written by Tor Kjolberg