Biking in Oslo


Bike enthusiast and freelance journalist Oyvind Wold has just released the latest versions of his books “Cycling in the mountains” and “Bicycling in Oslo“. Here you will be inspired to try various bicycle routes both in town, in the woods and day trips in a variety of attractive mountainous areas in southern Norway.


050514_oyvind wold– I have focused on selecting diverse walks in nice surroundings and not more demanding than most can hold for them, says Oivind.  – There is an emphasis on family-friendly hikes of between 15 and 50 km in length. There are also suggestions for little more challenging trail bike tours for those who want to experience the wilder side of the forests around Oslo.

Wold says that the idea to make the Oslo book came when he discovered that quite a few of those who live in the city really do not know the possibilities for biking very well. He wanted to show unknown and exciting aspects of the city, different viewpoints, somewhat secluded swimming spots and beautiful but little used trails. For example, a chapter on trails along five of the city’s rivers, hiking trails which the author believes many in Oslo do not know.

We asked him to come with a tip for biking in Oslo, and a walk in the mountains. 050514_Oivind_Wold_Biking_in_Norway

Tour tip Oslo

Along the Alna river from Lillomarka to Svartdalen

Starting at Ammerud subway station. Ending at Galgeberg Crossing, Old Town

Distance: 9 km

Surface : asphalt , gravel and fine trail

Difficulty: easy

Season : about 1 April – 1 November

Suitable for: eclectic trip with little traffic; also suitable for children as young as 6-7 years of age

Description: One of the city’s secret trails! From Ammerudveien follow the river on the marked trail down through wooded areas , blocks of flats and eventually industrial areas, floodplains and finally the narrow exciting Svartdalen south of Bryn station . Along the way there are both swimming areas, picnic areas, one suspension bridge and several waterfalls.

050514_Biking_in_Oslo_BookMuch of the way we see only the river and the dense green foliage, it is sometimes impossible to know that you are in the middle of a big city, especially when you’re in what is called the Alna park, south of Grorud station.

Oivind Wold is our contributor on biking in Norway.
All photos: Oivind Wold