Biking the Danish East Coast Route


Denmark ranks as one of the most bicycle friendly countries in the world. The Danes simply love cycling and any one of their eleven National Cycle Routes provides the lover of two wheels with an exciting and memorable holiday. Here’s a description of the Danish east coast route.

At 650 km (406 mi), the East Coast Route is the longest and most spectacular of the lot. Stretching from Skagen to Sønderborg, the route meanders through pretty Danish countryside, taking the rider along fjords, round bays and peninsulas. Beginning in Skagen, you should not miss the beautifully restored castle Koldinghus or the Grenen Museum of Art.

Biking the Danish East Coast Route
Freom Grenen. Photi: Visit Denmark

Charming towns and villages along the route
The towns that line the route are rich in tradition and culture. Charming fishing villages are to be found along the northern section, while to the south grand castles and sumptuous manor houses grace the rolling landscape. You will always be cycling within easy reach of the sea and many secluded coves along the way give you good reason to stop and take a dip.


Plan for a break in Århus
Of all the towns along the route, Århus must be singled out for special mention. Nowhere in Denmark will you find a greater concentration of artists, museums, musicians and historically significant sites. Near Århus, you’ll find the Mosegård Prehistoric Museum – a museum of the people. Sønderborg castle is overlooking the dramatic Flensborg Fjord.

Denmark’s graceful and welcoming second city is a perfect place to make a break in your journey and having explored it, you will probably want to stay for a day or two.

Biking the Danish East Coast Route
Biking in Denmark. Photo: Ruby Travel

When you take this journey, you will realize how perfectly designed it is for cyclists. The towns that line the route are remarkably evenly spaced, so as the legs begin to tire, there is always something to stimulate the mind or satisfy the stomach. If you want to bike the entire route, it makes a good week’s holiday.

Biking the Danish East Coast Route
Marguerite Route, Skagen. Photo: Visit Aalborg

Biking the Danish East Coast Route
Over 90 per cent of the route is asphalted, making cycling easy and fun. This route should present no problems for a reasonably fit cyclist with a good set of brakes.

Feature image (on top): Photo: Ruby Travel

Biking the Danish East Coast Route, written by Tor Kjolberg