Bizarre Danish Customs


Danes may look normal to the common foreigner. They brush their teeth morning and night, walk their dogs after work and know right from left. But look again—these people are strange. They have habits and laws that are bizarre and, let’s face it, stupid. Just read on.

Gammel Dansk and rugbrød for breakfast
The Danes have the habit of getting a little tipsy at 9 in the morning. A thick brown drink called Gammel Dansk is said to be good medicine and they consume it together with rugbrød (rye bread). Gammel Dansk is a strong, bitter liquor made of 29 herbs, spices and flowers. The receipt is of course a secret.

Tuborg J-dag
Long before Christmas time (end of October) the Danish breweries are tapping the special Christmas-beer. Carriages drawn by horses lead beer kegs throughout the cities and the Danes wear ugly blue hats with fur on them. Most beers contain about 5.7 percent alcoholic content.

Weird Danish food
You probably heard about the Nordic cuisine. Or you can read about it here. But did you know that the Danish put chocolate plates on their pieces of bread for breakfast. Just watch the video and explore some other Danish specialties too.

Bats are protected by law
Flagermus, as they are called, cannot be killed or harmed. Bats are protected by law.

If you are crossing a red light on bike  you’ll be fined
The fine for crossing a red light on a bicycle is about DKK 500. And don’t forget front and rear lights. We call it a Danish!

Do you know other weird Danish customs, please let us know.

All images: Visit Denmark