Bruce-Willis-like Car Chase in Norway


“Bruce Willis could never have done this,” said a local police officer in Kristiansand after a Norwegian car owner had clung onto the top of his car in 56 mph. clad only in his boxer-shorts.

Last month the daredevil stopped a thief from stealing his car in a hair-raising ride at minus 17 degrees Celsius in the middle of the night.

An American stuntman said it would be hard, even if he had a ski rack on the station wagon. “Please spare me the ‘oh, he’s Norwegian and used to that’ shit. It was one degree above zero and he was in his underwear. No one is used to that or will ever be used to that.”

The car owner, 25, ran out from his home without taking the time to dress as he grabbed onto the car door handle of his Volkswagen Passat as the thief attempted to drive away.

Kristiansand is one of the larger cities in Norway, with almost 90,000 inhabitants, situated in the southern part of Norway.

Police say the owner was left “pretty bloody” after the car crashed into a safety barrier on a bridge. The suspect was taken into police custody.

“Moving at 53 miles an hour in one degree temperatures equals a man in his boxer-shorts clinging to a trapeze bar in a wind tunnel set at 35 degree below zero,” says the American stuntman.

Wintertime at Varodd Bridge, Kristiansand
Wintertime at Varodd Bridge, Kristiansand

The car thief even tempted to shake the man loose by driving through the snow but was not able to get rid of the determined owner. During the high-speed chase, he managed to break the back window with his knee and enter the car. The thief tried to flee, but the car owner ran after him and held him until the police arrived.

Local police chief Jan Nesland told Norway’s TV2 news that the owner managed to hold on for several kilometers in a trip resembling something from a Hollywood action movie. He was up on the car roof for at least a minute and a half of constant effort, which is much, much longer than you think it is.

“It’s not something we would advise people to do,” said Mr. Nesland, “but now that he’s done it – well, it’s an incredible story.”

Bruce-Willis-like Car Chase in Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg