Business in Scandinavia? How to reach B2B customers

Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers?

The Scandinavian region (also known as the Nordic region) is a fantastic place to expand your business-to-business (B2B) customer base. The Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland (* are home to a robust economy and welcoming business climate. Learn more about business in Scandinavia and how to reach B2B customers.

Running a successful business in Scandinavia, however, requires understanding the region’s distinct business culture, following its regulatory norms, and creating long-term relationships.

Dive into this detailed piece as it unfolds seven strategies to effectively broaden your scope among B2B clients in Scandinavia. These insights will serve as a guiding framework for achieving success, regardless of whether you’re offering products, services, or solutions like contract lifecycle management.

1.   Learn about Nordic values.

The rapid modernization of Scandinavia has quickly elevated it to global powerhouse status. This has led the individuals in this region to establish a “Scandinavian” or “Nordic model” that is characterized by its novelty, sobriety, and adherence to the principles of the common good—all traits of Nordic workplace culture and commercial practices. Also, given that there’s only a handful of individuals who can converse in Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, or Danish around these parts, using your English language skills to attract potential B2B clientele should be fine.

2.   Engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Scandinavian countries have a strong reputation for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical business practices. For example, Norway’s extensive engagement in CSR is deeply rooted in its active involvement in the business sector, whether through direct ownership or indirect stakes in major corporations. This commitment results in these companies voluntarily supporting the neighborhoods where they operate, even if they don’t explicitly brand it as CSR. In turn, businesses that actively contribute to their communities and support causes often find themselves more appealing to like-minded partners and clients, resulting in increased B2B leads and opportunities.

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Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers?
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3.   Understand the business culture.

Our methods of business operations should also be taken into account. We wrongfully assume that working long hours is the standard across all countries and cultures. In contrast, it’s not always easy to get a hold of Scandinavian workers outside of business hours, and many of them won’t even answer the phone after 5 p.m. There is just a general desire to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is unsurprising that Scandinavian nations such as Denmark and Norway routinely exhibit high levels of performance in polls assessing work-life balance.

4.   Check out the funding options.

Global venture capitalists are showing increasing curiosity in Nordic start-ups and growth-driven companies from the Nordic region. This interest is sparked by the area’s proven track record for maintaining, even growing tech businesses during challenging economic periods including the Great Recession. With liquid assets readily accessible for corporations in Scandinavia, businesses wishing to grow and expand should target the Nordic B2B market, as a robust business model with a flexible strategy would result in a rapid return on investment.

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Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers?
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5.   Devise an effective sales and marketing strategy.

B2B customers in Scandinavia effectively engage with digital marketing courses for advertising and content marketing collateral. Write informative pieces that discuss the challenges encountered by various sectors and the ways in which your services, such contract lifecycle management, might help.

Case studies derived from actual, real-life scenarios are also a great way to demonstrate the value of your goods and services.To ensure audience engagement, it’s crucial to thoughtfully orchestrate all aspects of online ad campaigns.

6.   Show how your products support sustainability.

Sustainability, as a fundamental cornerstone of Scandinavian values, significantly influences B2B buying decisions in the region. According to Stastista, in 2020, 52% of Swedish sustainability survey respondents said a company’s sustainability work influenced their product and service choices. Therefore, when pitching to B2B leads, it’s beneficial to emphasize how your offerings reflect the region’s strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. It also pays to underline their ability in helping companies lower their carbon footprint while also achieving their sustainability targets.This eco-conscious mindset can greatly resonate with Scandinavian businesses and open doors for meaningful B2B partnerships.

Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers? 7.   Expand your Nordic network.

40% of leads turn into buyers during in-person meetings, according to a 2020 survey by Marketing Expertus. Another study by The Ascent revealed that more than half of business travelers reported that attending trade fairs and networking events resulted in 5-20% new customers for their organization.

These statistics suggest that a well-established network can facilitate access to prospects, provide invaluable market insights, and substantially increase the likelihood of success in engaging with B2B clientele in Scandinavia. Consider using social media, attending industry events like the Nordic Business Forum, and joining local business associations to broaden your circle and attract new clients.

Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers?  Conclusion

If you’re looking to grow your company’s B2B reach, the Scandinavian market is where you should focus your attention. When executed strategically, the above-mentioned tips can yield substantial rewards for businesses with B2B expansion goals.

*) Finland is per definition not a part of Scandinavia, but the Nordic region. This is a misconception, also among many Scandinavians. (Editor’s remark).

Business in Scandinavia, how to reach B2B customers?
Shawn Mack

Business in Scandinavia? How to reach B2B customers, written dedicatedly for Daily Scandinavian by Shawn Mack. Shawn is an experienced outreach expert at The Pro Linkers. He is known for his excellent communication skills and ability to build strong relationships with influencers and media outlets. With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to delivering results, Shawn is the go-to expert for all things SEO outreach.

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