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Royal Tour from Britain to Scandinavia Early Next Year

British Royals to Visit Scandinavia Early Next Year

Kensington Palace has announced that Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 35, will be going on a Royal Tour of Sweden and Norway...
The Forest Finn Culture in Norway

The Forest Finn Culture in Norway

The Forest Finns represented a very old migrant group, immigrating to the county of Hedmark, Norway in the 17th century.The core area of Finnskogen...
The 2017 China-Denmark Tourism Year wrapped up with a gala closing ceremony in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen on 5 December at the Royal Theatre

A Year of Chinese Danish Tourism

Greater Copenhagen was working toward making the Danish capital area more appealing and welcoming to Chinese travelers, and in 2012 it initiated the Chinavia...

The Many Masks of Damselfrau From Norway

The London-based Norwegian artist Magnhild Kennedy a.k.a. Damselfrau is a self-taught maker of masks, who never stops surprising her audiences with new innovative shapes...