Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts

Christmas is so memorable because of the traditions surrounding it. Decorating and baking aren’t the only holiday traditions. The gifts you give and why you give them are part of the holiday season. Here we have compiled a selection of cheering Scandinavian Christmas gifts that your loved ones will appreciate.

Everybody is happy for a vase. The Unika Teardrop Vase from Tortus Studio in Copenhagen is a gift that will last forever. Eric Landon from Copenhagen pottery design studio has amassed a huge following online supposedly due to his beautiful videos of the making process and wonderful shapes that he gets in the result.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Unika Teardrop vase

Children’s cutlery from the elegant, nature-inspired Julie design was designed by Per Finne in 2012. The children’s cutlery is designed exactly the same as the dinner set. This gives your child a feeling of being included and equal around the dining table. The cutlery has a comfortable grip and will follow the child until they are 8-10 years old. From Hardanger Bestikk.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Nina – children cutlery

The Världsvan backpack (formerly the Scholar) fits textbooks, laptop and everything else. It has a low profile, yet roomy. From Db.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
The Värdsvan backpack

Make your bottle of LINIE Aquavit come alive with The LINIE App. Enter an amazing LINIE universe based on augmented reality. You can also watch the highlights from LINIE’s live-streamed sea journey around the world. Read more about Norwegian Christmas aquavit.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
World-famous Linie aquavit

Christmas is not all about shopping for others. Be it a treat for yourself or a wish for your list, you’re sure to find a perfect fit at Maria Black Copenhagen store. Read more here.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Moss ring by Maria Black
Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Famous Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese

A mild, firm ripened cheese made from cow’s milk. Jarlsberg® is famous around the world for its characteristic mild, sweet and nutty taste and its large round holes. Jarlsberg® is such a wonderfully versatile cheese – whether you buy it as a regular staple for sandwiches, a complement for salads, a tasty addition to your cheese board or as an irresistible snack! And a perfect Christmas gift as well. Read more about Scandinavian cheese.

It is necessary to reduce the negative impact consumption has on our climate, our environment, and our health. Yaytrade is the marketplace for environmental conscious rebels from all over the world, the web’s top spot to buy and sell pre-loved fashion and lifestyle products from fellow community members, ambassadors and sustainable brands. Find out more about these sustainable Scandinavian rebels.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Race down jacket from Yaytrade


Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Byredo perfume candles

The Byredo luxury scented candle collection brings Byredo’s signature multi-faceted fragrance offerings to the home for the ultimate olfactory experience. The best-selling candles are crafted in elegant smoked black glass, featuring black wax and wicks and finished with the signature Byredo minimalist labelling to elevate any room space. Read more about Scandinavian perfumes.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
The classic all-round Mora knife

There is a long tradition of knife making in Mora. We have been creating sharp knives for the rest of the world for more than 400 years. The seed of what would become one of the world’s most popular knife manufacturers was sown as early as 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned to the village of Östnor in Mora after four years of work as a lumberjack in North America. Read more about the ultimate Swedish all-round knife.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Daniel Wellington’s color dials

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that inspired the idea for Daniel Wellington. On this trip, our founder, Filip Tysander, met an intriguing British gentleman with impeccable yet understated style. The man had a particular fondness for wearing his vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington. Read more about the Swedish watch king.

New Nordic is a Swedish-based company with a unique knowhow in medicinal plants. New Nordic develops and markets effective herbal dietary supplements, as well as cosmetics, to satisfy specific health and beauty needs. It markets these under the New Nordic brand to an increasing number of people all over the world. Choosing a healthy Christmas gift this year? Read more about New Nordic.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts
Why not e healthy gift from New Nordic?

Not sure what to get the person who has everything? Surprise them with something they may never have seen or thought of before! From unique handmade vase designs and watches or environment friendly garments and Scandinavian perfumes that make great gifts for women, men or children – find something to match their personality.

Cheering Scandinavian Christmas Gifts, compiled by the Daily Scandinavian editorial team.

Feature image (on top): Photo by freestocks / Unsplash

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