Christmas in Scandinavia


Do you want an overdose of Christmas feeling? Scandinavia is for sure the right place. Experience the true X-mas mood in the perfect settings.

Christmas is perhaps the only time in the year when people can obey their natural impulses and express their true sentiments without feeling self-conscious and, perhaps, foolish. But Leave it to the Scandinavians to know best how to brighten the darkest time of the year – after all, they’re pros!

In this article we report from our visits at some of the most beloved Christmas markets throughout Scandinavia. Ann Helene Bolstad Skjelbred has written a new book “Jul I Norge” (Christmas in Norway). She says, “We travel with friends or bring our families to enjoy the Advent and Christmas season. It’s all about having fun, and we want to share it.”

Christmas in Denmark

Tivoli Copenhagen
Every Christmas Tivoli in Copenhagen presents a brand new Christmas theme. This year Tivoli presents an Alp country, where skis and sledges are placed against snow-covered wooden houses with smoke coming out of the chimneys. Along with the Alp Express and Tyrol merry-go-round, the scene is set for a perfect Alp Christmas. (Photo: Tivoli, Copenhagen)

Tivoli is the largest amusement park in the Nordic countries with 4.5 million visiting guests annually. The Christmas market consists of nearly 50 boots filled with cakes, sweets and crafts. This year you may also learn more about Norwegian and Swedish Christmas traditions and enjoy 26 attractions for the whole family.

Christmas markets in Copenhagen
There are several Christmas markets in Copenhagen in December. The best hotel in Copenhagen (in our view) d’Angleterre, has an interesting façade this year, showing H. C. Andersen reading his fairy tales. And the Christmas-beer has arrived. Look out for the carriers. (All photos: Tor Kjolberg)


Christmas in Norway

Christmas market in Røros
You find one of Norway’s most famous Christmas markets at Røros, a town listed on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Here really feel the pre-Christmas joy with a huge Christmas market in the shopping street the second week-end in Advent.

There are boots, selling local food and craft for Christmas presents. Let the children enjoy sleigh riding, dog sleigh riding or kicksledge. (All photos: Ulf Sundeman)

The Røros Museum has four sites to visit, all of which are open to the public: “Smetlhytta” (The Smeltery), “Olavsgruva” (Olav’s Mine), “Doktortjønna” (Femundsmarka National Park Centre and outdoor recreation area) and “Sleggveien” (Slag Street).

Do visit the church, the mining towns pride, (Bergstaden Ziir) and join a walking tour through the town. And when you’re there, allow some time to visit the other cultural monuments in the area; take a trip to the mining field at Storwartz, visit Nordgruvene and the home of Johan Falkberg at Ratvolden. More information is available from the pages of Røros Reiselivslag.

The Annual Christmas Fair at Folkemuseet, Oslo
The Christmas market has more than 100 old-fashioned stalls where you can purchase homemade crafts, Christmas decorations, cakes and other treats. The museum’s cafés are decorated for the holidays and serve coffee, gingerbread cookies and other Norwegian Christmas specialities. Image (on top) Folkemuseet, Oslo.

Christmas Decoration in the shopping streets of Oslo
Downtown in Oslo every shopping street is decorated for Christmas. At main street Karl Johan there is also a Christmas market with boots selling everything from food and clothing to crafts and souvenirs. (All photos: Tor Kjolberg)

Christmas in Sweden

Liseberg Entertainment Park
Liseberg is divided into a succession of Christmas areas, so you can travel through time and space while you are here. Be transported by flames, snow and Sami folk music (Joik) in Lapland, or take a tour to Rabbit Land and discover how the slightly wacky rabbits celebrate Christmas. In the Old-Fashioned Christmas district the park take you back in time, where carriages roll along cobbled streets, choirs sing on the street corners and you can buy paper cones filled with sweets. You can even journey further back – right to the Middle Ages, and watch preparations being made for the big midwinter festival in the King’s camp. (Photo: Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg)


You can go ice skating or take a sleigh ride with reindeers.

Five million Christmas lights illuminate the more than three kilometer long street in front of the amusement park the weeks before Christmas. This Christmas market is the biggest in Sweden.

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